Let me give you a scenario. We are talking about something ordinary. Then you mention something about a video game. Regardless of whether or not you play video games, love them, or even know who Mega Man is, I will ride that conversation as long as I can. Two forces on this planet prevent me from carrying on about video games: the first being a car crash (or something equally distracting) and the second being that someone as passionate about video games as I am is already talking. I am happy to say that so far I’ve been able to keep my trap shut. Mostly.

I feel right at home in the Game Informer office, if a bit nervous. I’ve read GI for years. I’ve binged on The Game Informer Show and Super Replay. So you can imagine how strange it is to hear podcasts being recorded a few doors down. Being accepted into an internship in game journalism at GI is surreal. For someone who loves video games and has always wanted to pursue a career in writing, I feel like I’m on the edge of a fantastic opportunity. I couldn’t be happier. 

Since I was a wee tot, I wanted to lose myself in other worlds. I would sneak away to a quiet place, close my eyes, and imagine heroic adventures, which often parroted Independence Day or the lastSpider-Man cartoon I saw. Once it became weird for me to lie down and close my eyes during recess, tabletop and early PC role-playing games provided a natural place for me to go. I would spend hours after playing RPGs imagining other stories in their world. My initial interest in video games, like daydreaming, was to create my own story.

Thanks to my older brothers, the first game that I really fell in love with was Fallout. I was in elementary school and the content was grossly inappropriate for my age. Luckily for my impressionable eyes, I never made it very far in the game. I enjoyed creating characters much more than playing through to the end. But the damage was done. Western role-playing games like Planescape: Torment and The Elder Scrolls series are my life blood. Over the years – and after owning five different consoles – my interests expanded. I enjoy platformers, strategy games, first-person shooters, and adore indie games. 

I’m pretty much infatuated with the industry.

Within game journalism, what I’ve enjoyed most as a reader – and what I aspire to write about – are the stories about the people in the industry. I want to write about what goes into making these games. What ingenious programming made this mechanic possible? Tell me about the blood, sweat, and caffeinated beverage that built this game. Beyond that, I hope to learn all the different aspects of this industry, which shouldn’t be too hard. I’m learning from the best.

That’s about it. I look forward to hearing from you in the coming months. And so we’re clear, the Game Informer vault is as magical as you imagined. They even have a diving board set up. I hope to Scrooge McDuck the place and swim my way through the Neo Geo Pocket collection.