This weeks AGV is focused on the final round of my schooling, new games and the hype surrounding them and an early predecessor to infamous during the PS3's infancy. Welcome to AGV



Last days


So as I writing this blog and coming up with the titles like usual, I came across my old but still preserved backpack, a couple of pencils and pens, and a few notes from friends long graduated.


Those were the days.


I spent the next few minutes reading and rereading yearbook quotes, past teases and reliving every awesome moment in my past few years as a student and now I get to end it all with a bang because I'm at the top once again. 


And at the top are some of the years biggest and most wonderfully made titles yet and I plan on butting them to bring you more reviews to come! Ve sure to keep a look out for destiny™, Advanced warfare™ maybe, The evil within™, Far Cry 4™, Evolve and so many more that I'm not gonna name here because I'll be catching up on my backlog as well this year. Stay in there folks!


Speaking of which, let's go back in the ps3's early beginnings with prototype™




Developer: Radical Entertainment


Publisher: Activision


Type: Adventure, Action


Rating: M for Morbid


Recommendation: This is a highly graphic game and in some cinematics or missions, gruesome at times. Then again, I've seen worse stuff than this in real life or worse video games so...eh, just don't play at night. Oh and be at least steeled enough not to puke.


Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows


AGV Score: 7/10


XboxCulture Score: 3.5/5


AGV: The game works pretty well, controls are pretty normal, environment a little to repetitive at times but enough variety to not complain really. The enemies at times tend to go into buildings or somehow glitch underground therefore enabling them to kill me or in a split second decision, get reset by the glorious "restart last checkpoint" menu command. All in all, the story was decent enough for me to stay interested, missions pretty fun at times, and overall playability enough to keep a good number of people satisfied. 


And now, I prepare to utilize my last couple days of summer vacation to my advantage hand his weekend then begin a new and final school year. This is it everyone...the final level.


A Toast To All Gamers,

  -Alex Excelsior!