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"A Gamers View" 4/11/14 - Testing, Tetrapods, and The Last Of Us


Why is it so important to test 3 days straight when we could save money and sleep in class instead? Anyway, welcome to AGV everyone and I'm your host, Alex Excelsior. Enjoy this weeks blog.



So on Wednesday, my class takes the annual SAT tests. Now this ain't the SAT you take in college, its a different one a whole lot tougher than STAR testing. Trust me, I would know.

So I'm taking this test right and I finish. I'm like one of the first ones done, and the first thing on my mind pops up:

I forgot to write the blog this week. Shoot. Well, let's get some pens moving here...

As I'm Writing, I look to my right a bit and catch the gaze of a friend of mine, she was turned around looking at my other friend Dallas solving A RUBIX CUBE IN 2 MINUTES! HOLY BANNA SMOOTHIES THATS STINKING AWESOME.

So yeah, that took a lot of blog writing time away. #RubixcubeRolla for the win boys.

Mr. Ribbit

Then my other teacher from freshman year walks in a few minutes later and brings in this awesome frog! I literally said "OMW! It's a ribbit!" 

The girl I mentioned earlier (Shalay) totally didn't get that I was just being dumb so she tried to justify my sarcasm with some hardcore facts:

"Thats a frog."

"Yes I know shalay. So have you given him a name?"

"No, actually I haven't." The teacher replied.

"You should definitely name him Mr. Ribbit." 

Oh and just to clarify, since it was biology, the 'frog' was actually a Toad. Like that helps.

Let's just get on to the main point:

The Last Of Us™

Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Type: Action/Adventure/Horror/Survival

Rating: M for Mouthy Teens 

Recommendation: for a mature audience mostly. The game is a bit terrifying at times and is not meant to be played by a younger person. Parents, please make sure if your child can handle this as I am even touched at some points and I have been a bit disgusted at times as well. But other than that, don't play at night. <--- (Protip) 

Platform: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

AGV Score: 10/10

XboxCulture Score: well its not for Xbox but since I blog about it there too: 5/5

Basic info: Starting off as the main character Joel, you adventure with your partner Tess and eventually get stuck with Ellie, the actual main character of the story. Your job: deliver her to the fireflies and keep her safe from infected, and rapist hunters. Thats right this is a bloody escort mission buddy. Don't mess it up. 

AGV: this game is genius in its quality and it's quantity of a story line. I seriously had to force myself not to play too long because I needed to sleep. Thats the work of naughty dog.


And now, its time to play some BF4 to relax after a long week. Its also spring break!!!! Woooooooo. Peace!

AToast To All Gamers,

 -Alex Excelsior!


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