Well guys, this is my last blog post as I am selling my consoles for money to invest in the stock market and puppy pencil sharpeners because...puppies are cute.


Speaking of which, I pulled many and had plenty dished back at me of April Fools jokes so its been a tremendous week. TGIF Phew!

So welcome to this weeks AGV where we measure your money in puppy assets! (Not really)

So enjoy!

Dollars for Disney

This year I finally paid off my account for our annual senior trip we take from sophomore to senior year every year. For those of you who don't know, I attend a private school so I van increase my knowledge and understanding of our wonderful and totally not ripoffs government.

That was a joke.

So anyways, I paid off 350$ so I'm all set to go! And of AGV isn't up on April 30th-may 2nd, you know why now. IM GOING TO DISNEYLAND!

And speaking of AGV, we have another app this week called:

Angry Birds Go!™

Developer: Rovio Mobile and Excient Entertainment

Publisher: Rovio Mobile

Type: Racing

Rating: E for Eggs

Recommendation: You're an Angry Bird that races against piggies. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Platform: IOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry 10

AGV Score: 10/10

XboxCulture Score: 5/5

Basic Info: The piggies are hosting a race. The angry birds, curious, look upon them to see competition and awesome cake. So build your kart and go get 'em!

AGV: Well I like racing games and I like angry birds so yeah. I tried it and it handles real well. The sound was superb and the controls were near perfect! Musoc is pumping up and customizations are endless. Try it! You'll like it! 

And im returning to the game as I type this so see ya guys! Next race is about to start!

A Toast To All Gamers,

-Alex Excelsior!