OK folks, sorry about last week. The events had taken its toll on me due to the fact I had a blog to publish! Alas I could not make it to my weekly deadline but I'm here finally.

Now where was I...

Oh yes! The Russian part; now right now, I'm concerned about this whole xcrimea thing and hoping that Russia doesn't start a whole war with the U.S. because that would be bad, and very unwise!

Plus Russians girls I've seen and known personally are actually very hot.

But ANYWAY, the thing is, the war people keep talking about would be very bad so that's that.

Next, we (that is, my biology class) dissected a baby pig this week! It was very awesome and extremely gory, because you know, your opening up a pig so yeah. Either way, the anatomy of a pig is very interesting and fun to explore.

Now that was all yesterday, and speaking of yesterday...


Developer: Pendulo Studios, S.L.

Publisher: Pendulo Studio's, S.L.

Type: Horror/Action/Interactive

Rating: M for Masonic 

Recommendation: for players who want a story that puts them on the edge literally. And also for people who like tsampa. 

AGV Score: 10/10

Basic Info: Yesterday or also known as New York Crimes in Spain and Italy is a story of John Yesterday who has been hired by henry white to help investigate a an occult of the Spanish Inquisition in modern day Paris. John who doesn't remember a thing about his past must push forward to uncover the secrets of this mysterious occult and regain memories of who he was before this time.

AGV: OMW! This game was craaaaazy! It was literally an experience I'll never forget! Try it now for Android and IOS. Its a mobile exclusive if I'm tight so try it out! 

And thats that! 

A Toast To All Gamers,

-Alex Excelsior!