Today's Blog is a little different guys. I'm addressing a issue a few friends asked me about a couple days ago:

Innovation and inspiration are two different things. Innovation is not an easy task. Well, in the case of gaming for instance, there is constantly new idea's being tossed around the world. it's just most of the time, they never rise high enough to make a decent or non-costly game. Inspiration on the other hand, is a step in making that game become a reality.

In fact, this problem is presented to indie developers that have been given their own share of the spotlight the last few years. From games of emotion and beauty like Journey and Flower to the adventurous games of age old half-life and The Stanley Parable. These games took time and a few dollars to plan and place on a market that will take their product, and this is why indie developers are taking a pretty big leap when they confront one of the biggest challenges on the market: That their great idea will sell and signify success for however long that lasts.

But, as far as I'm concerned, their efforts continue to thrive and sell and far as to even win awards and praise from critics and other gamers alike! I'm impressed by how far indie developers have come to even sometimes challenge triple A blockbusters like Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield etc, and again i say etc. Indie developers have a keen sense for their feel of an average joe's taste and a gamer's taste which is why some of their games appeal to joe's and an appeal to gamer's, all in all spelling out that word for each gaming person's look in a game: Taste.

a gamer's taste is one that will decide when and how they play a game as well as the type they enjoy the most. i personally like to play almost anything as long as it interests me and it is worth my time to play. others, on the other hand, like to play shooters, or JRPGS, or even simulated boardgames like monopoly! (WII)

My friends from school asked me about this, since they know I'll give my opinion on a game to the most unbiased way i feel about it so others cannot say i favor a side. I specifically told them a game was created first for a reason: to have fun!

And like i said, Fun is a factor in innovation as these games made by indie developers are new and exciting, and also testing our minds and emotions (Journey, and Portal for example)They asked me to give my opinion on how indie developers rate on par with well known developers.

Truth is, they are almost exactly the same on the level of creativity and imagination. Sure sometimes indie developers have a little more creativity with their scenery and their dramatics but in the end, they are just more games everyone can enjoy along with a dose of the next triple A game. So, yes Readers and my Friends alike, if you're reading this, Indie developers and their unending innovation are the mix and guarantee that their games will work, because a sparkling strawberry lemonade is more likely to sell than just plain old lemonade.

So remember AGV readers, A game was created for this sole, original, final purpose:

To have fun with friends, yourself, and online buddies now alike.

whether indie or triple A, this is the bottom line formula that always works. Innovation and an indie developer is a working formula that goes well together. Now go play those games and have fun, I'm gonna continue Playing Gran Turismo 6. See ya next week everyone!

I rest my case.

A Toast to all Gamers,

-Alex Excelsior!