Well guys, it's almost here. The final countdown is in place.

As I write this, the machines are working, the programs are running, the workers are inspecting, and the consumer is waiting.

The PS4 and Xbox One are ready to show their faces.

All the excitement and all the media are gathering, awaiting the sales floor to be overloaded with many many consumers buying or pre-ordering their system. The systems that will define the next generations gamers and veterans alike. The final countdown, when all the little boys and girls get their first gaming system or the hard working man or woman purchases the new system with their hard earned money, which will be spent immersing themselves in a whole other world, with many people that share their interests and games alike. Or maybe this hardworking person is the parent of a grown or growing child which they will spend time doing what a parent should do with their children: sharing,caring,and teaching the good morals of gaming conduct and most of all, the good habit of becoming an experienced gamer.

Where has the time gone you ask? The time has gone into the preparation of the new gaming systems and the countless hours and surveys done in order to enhance the new systems and their counterparts. The world is ready to jump forward into this new generation as the clock ticks down such as the little boy or girl who gets their first bike or doll. The time you ask of has also been invested into countless hours of gaming and making new friends. The time has been spent writing and talking about the art of video games to the violence that influences our world as some say. The time to put it straightforward has been spent making games better for everyone.

As this gamer writes one of the last final pre-next-gen topics concerning the evolving of the gaming world, i would like to say it has been a great time playing on the current gen hardware with everyone else and as i am not going to be making the jump till summer when i have the funds to buy my own stuff again instead of asking for it, i will be with the new releases and the wonderful people who are not quite ready to give up the discounts and enjoyment of that will be coming to the new games of the soon to be past-generation consoles. The PS4 lineup and the competitor, The Xbox One, are ready to step into the ring and settle the console war for awhile at least, the trolls are preparing for loopholes around future online games and fanboys are ready to go at it concerning which system is better.

On November 15th, the PS4 is launching, beginning the new generation of consoles and a week later exactly, on November  22nd, The Xbox One makes it's debut to prove it's place in the next-gen. I would like to congratulate Microsoft and Sony for their contributions to start off this new generation, and a good luck to all the gamers which will be test driving the prototypes before adjustments are made to the PS4 and Xbox One, it will come in handy when the rest of us buy one later on. So, in all further adieu, I guess this will be a final Toast for this generation and another Toast for the coming generation.

go get em gamers, and let's kick off this new generation for all of us. A toast to the end of this generation and of course-

A Toast to all gamers.

-Alex Excelsior!