Greetings eager minds! Methinks of this week a very intriguing and Adventurous one! Ye olde AGV has searched the far reaches of the snow capped mountains to the Faithful advice of wise cousins. Young brethren, fill thy minds with the wisdom of this weeks A Gamers View as we embark upon an adventure of great knowledge!

lost passion or lost partners?

Ok, sorry for the old English act; I've been playing a little too much skyrim the past week but before we get to that, i wanna go to a very personal and much thought about conversation i had with my cousin yesterday. you see he had been telling me he had lost desire to play video games, which is really weird considering he's just graduated earlier this year, but i mentioned something that "hit the nail on the head" as he said it. [Me:] "maybe the reason you don't have interest anymore is because you don't play with your friends online anymore".

he looked at me with a stare, then told me that's exactly what it was! the main reason a lot of people play video games online is due to the fact you meet tons of new people, especially if you play CoD or Battlefield, or even littlebigplanet! why, i don't play as much as i used to but we talked about it for awhile and decided our passion was linked to the fun we had with friends there than our real friends. now don't get me wrong, i have friends that i hang out with sometimes but seriously when it comes to games, what happened to all the fun we had with our old friends?

The origin story

I looked back to the day i first started playing online. in fact i still remember what guy i played with when i first joined- heck i still remember what game we were playing! Blazing Angels 2; his name you ask? Billster_78. he was my first friend who i deleted because he never came back online for like 7 months. i wonder what happened to him. all the fun we had, and i even remember i played with another guy from CoD though his name is a little fuzzy because it was WaW when i added him. also people from Warhawk teamed up with me to battle all night long! It brings back memories if you think about it really. in fact i wonder about my friends sometimes, i even got their numbers still. i mean seriously, haven't you ever worried about a friend before even though you've never met them? i know i have, in fact the biggest friendship i ever had with online was The Finest clan in CoD. we were always together, always online and always ready! we never forgot anybody and we never forgot our reason to play: for the Clan's good name.

Band of brothers

My cousin told me he used to be online all night with his friends and i was too. there's just something about connecting with another player who just well...clicks with you! all the times you play just to hang out with your friends, chilling with the bro's and being stupid in a lobby at times really grows on you after while, and it just forms a stronger relationship with the others you know. just remembering all the yelling, raging, laughing, crying out because someone jacked your care package brings back all the good and bad times that you shared with your friends. we even remembered our birthdays and even though they may be thousands of miles away or even just a couple hours away, you feel like you've known them throughout your life, but you never met them. funny huh? how something a simple as playing video games forms relationships throughout the world. sometimes i even get a little emotional when i remember someone who gamed with you every day that you just never saw again for any reason at all, or maybe they just stopped playing for school, jobs, or just because they were ready to move on. a respectable choice for all out there no matter what it is, you just never forget you know?

The inspiration

I owe some credit to billster, wherever he is out there, for getting me started in the social side of PSN today. after all I've experienced and talked about with the bro's i made out there on the network, I'm here to set one thing straight for all the good times i had with my firends and bill, this one's for you: "Thank you. Thank you for introducing me to an unforgettable experience with all the friends I've added this generation. I hope your doing well and i hope you'll always remember that kid who couldn't land a bullet on your plane in Blazing Angels. -joe_alex"

Farewells and Future Friends

I don't know where bill is today, dead, working, moved on from playing games, but i know somewhere, he's out there chillin like a boss probably and i wish him the best. The Generations coming to a close and a new one is set to begin bringing forth newborn gamers whether they be that annoying (or mature) 8 year old kid on CoD to the experienced, 30 year old who respects others (even trolls) and fights fair and square. i'm not ready to move on just yet, but maybe next summer I'll buy my own PS4 and I'll join the wave of friends new and old in the next battle or Pod (LBP Reference) and continue what drives and insprires the creator of AGV: Friendship and Gaming.

Before we part...

i have to get this weeks game on here so here we go for a moment:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Type: Action/Adventure

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Publisher: Bethesda

Rating: M for Malborn

Recommendation: for people who like killing dragons with shouts of random words

AGV score: 10/10

Main idea: As a war breaks out in the land of skyrim, you the dragonborn must deal with the war and the return of dragons by slaying them and wiping them out once and for all to restore peace and order to the land. steal,kill,or fight with allies as you return the fallen spirits of those who have lost hope to peace once again.

AGV: A very well made game that has definitely deserved the scores it has recieved! good bethesda.

...And a final word for all

In all this i wanna say thank you all again for taking time to read this blog. it really motivates me to try harder to improve and bring you all more material each day and i hope to be doing it in the future for all the wonderful fans out there! so, in all due respect and the tears that im trying to hold in because i got a little emotional while writing this: Who was your first online friend and what did they do to inspire your love of online gaming? tell me about them in the comments below and I'll reply! That's it for this week my followers and until we meet again:

A toast to all gamers,