Didn't think i forgot about this, did you?

Hey everyone! Been a while hasn't it? Yeah well that's because I've been busy working but still gathering TONS of new ideas for all my wonderful readers/fans/stalkers out there! Anyway, I promised that this blog post would be BIGGER and BETTER due to my delaying of AGV. That includes a few new things:

1.       A new Logo! Yes, I made one a couple few days ago a couple weeks ago so I can add some spice to my laziness for blog post covers.

2.       More coverage! I have been upgrading my writing skills since I last posted hoping that now, I may provide a more simple yet meaty review or paragraph of whatever I'm writing about.

3.       Posts about recent games* and conflicts concerning gaming and the real world.

4.       Author Activities, which means once I figure out how, maybe I'll start a poll or something or post pictures if I'm lucky enough to go to expos and stuff! Also updates on whether I'll be gone or if something awesome happens!  

Anyway, I've got a load of stuff I want to cover today so ima make this long but as simple as well. First off, I bought myself a new screen! I've needed one for like 5 years now because I was literally gaming on a 36" computer monitor. Yes they make monitors that big. If you want proof, I'll have to dig out a old pic or something but how about I just show you the new screen, yeah?


Yes. That's part of my room.

Pretty nice huh? Good TCL brand with plenty of vibrant colors and amazing graphics for my ps3! Hopefully, I'll also be able to give you readers out there better game reviews to look at and maybe other junk as well.

So without any more jibber jabber let's get this show on the road!

Moi's top 3 games of past 3 weeks


As male protagonist Emmet Graves struggles to escape his past, he returns after many years to his hometown in the new frontier of space. Along the way he must defeat and keep the outcasts, a group of infected rift energy workers, from taking over their home and space as well. A sequel to the hit game of warhawk released in 2008, Santa Monica studios invites you to this spinoff of classic warfare...welcome to the new frontier.

Layton Brothers: mystery room

Based off on the popular Dr. Layton series, this particular scene takes you into the eyes of new police homicide detective Lucy baker! With the help of Alfendi Layton, you must be on your keen detective senses to uncover the truth behind several murders, and maybe uncover a dark truth behind it all...

The Walking dead

A game based off the hit series The Walking Dead, Telltale has delivered a massively emotional game that rocked game developers as well as gamers everywhere in 2012! Handcuffed on his way to prison, Lee Everett is reflecting on his past. But on a twist of fate, a zombie apocalypse overwhelms society as we know it forcing lee to survive on his own with help from a little girl he now has to care for in this nightmare by the name of Clementine. The decisions you make will show the final outome in this masterpiece of horror, decision making, and character development. Are you ready to face the dead?

A Gamers View:

Concerning the circumstances of the past weeks, I have been really saddened by the walking deads ending. It is so sad! Why on earth do they have to throw in moments like that, ESPECIALLY the ending! As far as I'm concerned, this game goes on my amazing games list, AKA replay queue. Starhawk was wonderful as well. Although the multiplayer's great, the story isn't really gripping but hey, it's a sequel to warhawk so why not more enhancements to multiplayer instead of story?  And in conclusion, The Layton brothers: mystery room has me really wondering what to do next because I still gotta buy the rest of the game. I like mystery games...

Oh yeah I didn't put my scores:

Strahawk: 8/10

 Type: action/shooter

Rating: T for tigger

Recommendation: highly recommended to sci fi people

The walking dead: 10/10

Type: horror/survival

Rating: M for morbid

Recommendation: recommended for mature gamers with strong stomachs, and people with headphones: this game cusses a TON.

The Layton brothers: mystery room: 9/10

Type: puzzle/mystery (that's why it's called mystery room)

Rating: E for Eggplants

Recommendation: everyone must play. EVERYONE


Ok so without anything else to add because I can go on about all the gaming things I have, I'll save 'em for next time! Thanks for being patient with my putting off!

A toast to all gamers,