Hello all you gamers and pork rib lovers alike! welcome once again to another AGV as this week, we will be talking about a well known critically acclaimed game by the name of Max Payne. yes, our beloved booze and pill addict is getting some screen time this week on AGV as we'll take a step into the life of Max in a way of not getting shot at every 2 minutes. Let's go!

1. No rest for the weary

 Working everyday almost for the past summer has really put me on edge of becoming a grandpa in matters of sleeping a lot now and not doing what every responsible student who is looking into getting into a high ranking college should be doing: playing video games.

  I was being sarcastic guys, don't worry. I'm totally interested and involved with my academic studies enough already nut seriously, this past month had slowed down for the video gaming schedule, not that that's a problem or anything it's just that i might not have anything to represent AGV for all our local and loyal fans out there someday! so anyway, i am still in the community (thankfully) and i am working very profusely on upcoming articles and game reviews so i can keep everyone out there updated and engrossed in AGV so you can have something that's worth reading....at least i hope it is.

Ok, so without anymore delay, let's look at our game of the week!

Max Payne 3

Platforms: PC,Xbox 360, Ps3

Genre: shooter, action, adventure

Recommendation call: Recommended for older gamers (15+)

Rating: M for Max (Mature)

AGV Score: 9/10

Basic info:

Set in Sao paulo, Brazil, Max Payne has come to escape the terrible consequences and events of his past. together with a new found partner in crime, passos, Max tries to figure out his place in the world and tries to redeem himself for all his crimes and trauma...all the while dodging bullets and trying to protect those he loves.


The games mechanics were very well placed and the online multiplayer was phenomenal! the graphics were impressive yet i have to admit the aiming is not very fast to move to your target and the dramatic sequences sometimes were a little bit challenging to the player like for example, if you get shot up all the way and the enemy is right behind you and your given the chance to shot him back to get up. you can't! that got very annoying. but overall it was a wonderful game with a deep story and great soundtrack!

through all of this, me and a close friend of mine played through the game, and we ate a glorious nourishment to help us finally finish our quest for the ending at 3 in the morning today: PORK RIBS. yes the mighty blessings that were bestowed upon us this day have broadened our senses and our given us godly strength to endure the forces of today and tomorrow as well! As you shall see my journey must continue as his must end for now...I must go now and fight the forces of gaming and finish the countless stories out there! Farewell until next time, faithful followers! I shall see you again on...A Gamers View!

A toast to all gamers,