ugh, this tablet alternative really bites... i cant even resize my pic! >"< anyway, welcome fellow readers to this weeks A Gamers View! this week i'll be reminiscing the age forgotten blazing angels, and also i wouod like to gladly say i FINALLY have recieved my drivers permit! i am so excited to finally have the abillity to drive LEGALLY hahaha! this was my expression:




2. "Thank life and soul shall requiaste in pace now..." *life potential ACHIEVED*


ok maybe not that last part but i was totally happy! anyway lets roll out with our blazing angels 2 review since im going on a plane tomorrow and i thought it would be fitting so-OK I SKIP TO IT NOW.

Blazing angels 2


Developer: Ubisoft Romania


Publisher: Ubisoft

Platform: PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360


AGV Score: 9/10


Basic info: As an assigned leader to a newly formed elite squadron, you must recruit and destroy as many german planes and secret weapons before they release these new horrors upon the world. battling in several places around the world, and using several experimental aircraft to your advantage, will you be able to stop nazi germany from winning the war?


AGV: Yes, we won the war in the first place, why shouldn't we be able to stop them? anyway, the mechanics in the game are wonderful, the graphics are decent setting back the score a bit but my main concern was the lack of a few notable plot turnoffs that didn't appeal really to the story.that is a gamers view.


and with thatmy friends, the tablet is low on power and my hands are cramping from pushing slowly and frustratingly around tbis huge keyboard.... o well,see ya next week with another surprise! ;-)


A toast to all gamers,