hello everyone, this week in A Gamers View, I looked around my local gamestop for something to play and found the much known soul calibur! i bought it of course to play with my father. we played the game for at least 4 hours, until we realised that we needed to go to the store and buy stuff for our upcoming camping trip. i also went to an auction and discovered something very important in gamer culture, and i also got ma butt kicked by my dad (button masher). so let's begin.


1. Regrettable decisions

On tuesday, i went to the local cherry auction. the sun was shining, the smell of churros filled the air, the lil mexican children kept running into me. ahhhh the familiar memory of the auction as usual, my mother and sister were looking at clothes for like an hour at each little booth or more like a yard sale. i turned around and walked into one of these across the way and discovered a nintendo 64! perfectly new and had an assortment of games with it! the guy was also not knowledgeable enough to sell it for 14 dollars, plus he was going to sell me an original sega genisis for 7 dollars! unfortunately, i happened to just pass it up becuase my mom was already halfways down the path and would've lost me if i hadn't gone over to her. soooo i just lost out on like 150$.

2. Soul Calibur

Developer: Bandai Namco Games

Publisher:  Namco

AGV Score: 10/10

Basic Info:

As the two swords, soul calibur and soul edge conflicted again and again throughout history, they finally settle on 17th century europe where the young patrokolos, searches for is sister pyyhra, and comes acroos the sword soul calibur. as he searches on, he finds out that his sister, Pythia is the legendary horror nightmare. Knowing he would have to kill his sister, will he be able to do it? Only history will decide. 

My opinion:  ditto, the game was near perfect! Also I'm feeling a Lil ill today so ima have to cut this one short my stomach is making me too weak to really type anymore. Next week we explore iOS. Until then,

A toast to all gamers,