hello everyone, and welcome to this weeks "A Gamers View"! this week we explore the recently released Crysis 3 and all its wonderful goodness in its storyline and its multiplayer. here we go:

developer: CRYTEK

Publisher: EA games

Type: Shooter, Action, Adventure

AGV score: 9/10

Basic Idea: The story of the crysis series protaginist, Prophet, starts off with him being trapped inside a sealed case awaiting the harsh testing laboratories to come. after being released by an old squad member, psycho, he then struggles against a mental barrier throughout the game whether he is still actually human, or that the nanosuit upgrades he has replaced his body with has turned him into an alien that no one can tame. the clock ticks as he and his squad member try to take out cell corporation and destroy the alpha ceph once and for all.

Opinion: first off all, this game has the stuff to be rated as one of the best games I've ever played. second of all it has gotten the closest score i can give it due to its multiplayer. the reason why is due to the fact that the game unintentionally lags on the disc throughout the singleplayer missions but also more on multiplayer. due to the story and the graphics however, and the timed sequences. i decided to give it extra points for the great work they put into the game itself. when i first started out the game, i had a feeling that even though i hadn't played the last two games, i would get my money's worth from just playing that finishing chapter in a 3 part story.

The playability of this game proved its cause when i decided to mix and match weapon parts to turn the tables on my foes. the sounds and melee attacks were spot on. the camera angles were beautiful! and lastly, the fun with vehicles and ceph weapons were a blast and i hope Crytek doesn't stop with this franchise. good job Crytek, good job.

well now that i have given you a glimpse of this wonderful game, I'm going to get some more cake for my birthday celebration today! So have a good weekend everyone, and to those at E3, have fun! Next week We'll be going back in time to a classic game by the name of...well If i told you it would be telling! haha tune in next week for "A Gamers View"!

A toast to all gamers,