I'm no stranger to modern day shooters, but when I first heard the news that DICE was making Battlefield 3, I was thrilled since I was a little tired of the more non-realistic Bad Company spin offs. The following gameplay trailers were outstanding, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the open beta. After it's public opening on September 29, I have been spending numerous hours playing the heck out of the game. After two days and around 12 hours spent playing, it is apparent that there are some faults, but there is also many reasons to love the game. Here are my top 3 likes and top 3 dislikes from the beta, again from the Xbox 360 perspective.

Like #1, The Gameplay

If there is one thing that even a hater of Battlefield would admit, it's that this game is a ton of fun to play. The controls are responsive and fluid, and there is a sense that you are much more agile than in the Bad Company games. The guns also have a nice pop to them, each one having a distinct play mechanic. If you are using a LMG for instance, you will notice that you will have to fire in more controlled bursts and fire from a distance more often than not. But with a SMG like the AK74, it is much lighter and easier to spray a target from a closer range. Using other accessories like the defibrillator or ammo crates are also easy to use, and most of the time can be pulled off pretty quickly.

Like #2, The Sound

Another magnificent feat is the sound quality in Battlefield 3. This is one of those games where it will really immerse you into the world, and you feel as if you are actually a real life marine in combat. All of the guns sound amazing, with each one having its unique variation. You will also notice the difference of the sound when playing in the open fields, to when you are in the tight spaces in the subway area, where the guns will echo of the walls more. Other little touches like hearing you're soldier running, chatter of you're fellow flying aces and commanding officer, or the occasional plane flying by, also make the game feel more immersive. 

Like #3, The User Interface/Menu

Battlefield 3 has a slick UI as well as a nice main and in-game menu system. All menus are easy to navigate, and you can invite a friend with the click of a button. You can also track you're stats and change the settings of you're game easily too. The User Interface in Battlefield 3 is also quite nice as well. While playing, you're hud will display everything from ammo count, objectives, and squad positions in a clutter-free screen. You can also change you're load-out easily, and make changes to the kit selection without any effort. The interface is also nice as well since it will notify you when you unlock guns or attachments in-game, and apply them directly when you respawn. 

Dislike #1, Bugs across the board 

The one issue that no one can look past is the numerous amounts of bugs that plague Battlefield 3. From infinite loading screens, to players intentionally sneaking under the map, this is one of the most buggiest betas I've played. Sometimes, the controls will decide not to work, so it is not possible to fire or reload. Also in the first area of "Operation Metro", almost every time I die, my deceased soldier almost always falls under the map. Many players will use this to their advantage, as it is possible to go under while still alive, and arm objectives while the poor defenders aimlessly shoot at the ground in hope of finding the abuser. With only a less than a month away from launch, I really hope that DICE will try to fix many of these game- ruining errors. 

Dislike #2, The Graphics

Yes, yes I know I should have expected graphics not up to par with the PC version on my ancient Xbox, but even so I feel with the recent "Guillotine" gameplay footage, I still feel a little mislead to think it would look like said trailer. Don't get me wrong, the lighting is still fantastic, but many textures look incomplete and very grainy. On the "Operation Metro" map, most of the other elements like fire and smoke are not as impressive as they were in other demos, and the map relies on too many of these textures for them to not look good. Hopefully, the rumors are true and the download would have been to big to load all of the graphics. 

Dislike #3, Spawning

Another glaring issue is the spawning in Battlefield 3. When you are killed you can either choose to respawn at at a safe point, or spawn on you're squad mates in combat. The problem with spawning at a safe point is that you spawn too far away from the action. In one part of the "Operation Metro" map, you will spawn almost exactly where you first started off to attack the second line of objectives. I honestly think that an enemy would be smarter to defend an objective than to try and spawn kill you're team mates let alone not get penalized for going out of the boundaries. The problem with spawning on your squad mate is that if you are trying to spawn near some one who is trying to attack or defend an objective, it is almost likely that you will die instantly. This is also a counterpoint, since if you are the person killing an enemy, another one could pop up as you are killing the first one and then you will be torn to shreds while trying to focus on the new foe. It is to be expected that you are taking a risk, but DICE should limit to when and where you can spawn on a squad mate, for both sides of players. 

Well, that wraps up what I have to say about the beta for Battlefield 3. Regardless of some of these issues, I am still extremely excited for the game to come out, and I think that DICE will fix most if not all of these issues. If you have any other complaints or a feature you are really excited about, just leave a comment below.