We've all been there, spending hours on an incredibly hard boss fight. The only option is to gruel through the challenge again and again or just plain give up, or call up your best friend Max cause that kid is wicked sick at video-games! I'm sure that a lot of people can relate and agree upon these extremely hard bosses, so here are my top 6 boss battles!


6. Gohma (Zelda: Ocarina of Time):

Hard to believe they made the first boss this hard in Zelda: Ocarina of Time! First of all the name says it all: "Armored Arachnid". It has an exoskeleton, which is already armor in itself, and then armor on top of that!? That's a pretty hard boss my friend! Don't worry, just pelt it in the eye with your slingshot a la Dennis the Menace and you'll soon be on your way! 


5. Metal Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog Series): 

Metal Sonic is a common villain in the Sonic series and to no surprise. I mean come on, he's Sonic but made of METAL! How are you supposed to beat that? If Sonic so much as touches an enemy he gets blasted away and loses rings faster than a crashing stock market. A hedgehogs needle's are made of Keratin, which is the main component of your hair and nails. Not so tough compared to man-made robo-genetics is it? 


4. Metal Gear REX (Metal Gear Series):

Not really surprising that metal is a consistently hard material. This mechanized battle-tank is 505, 450kg of dense steel that will crush anything in it's path! Unless of course you destory its senors and force the user to open up the cockpit. "People and weapons just aren't complete without a character flaw, don't you think" -Otacon 


3. Alduin (Skyrim): 

Nothing is going to get through those dragon scales! Alduin, appropriately named "World Eater", is The Elder Scrolls' most fearsome and toughest dragon. Good luck piercing that dragon scale armor! Of course you can just defeat him with proper dragon linguistics.. 


2. The Reapers (Mass Effect Series): 

The Reapers are basically an immortal machine race of synthetic-organic starships, which are all apparently built out of nearly indestructible materials. Their shields hold off entire fleets not to mention their extremely dense hulls! Basically collect all of the knowledge and technology about anything hard gained indefinitely by races every 50, 000 years for an unknowable amount of time and that's where the Reapers are at. Good luck busting through those hulls with your Harpy Pistol Commander! 


1. HARD MAN (Megaman Series): 

Truly the hardest of the hard.


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