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Characters I think should be in Smite (Also quick review from a player)

If you know about smite then skip this paragraph. However if you are new to Smite then this is a brief summary. Smite is a MOBA with the LAWLS and the online DOTING (see what I did there?) but with a third person camera, and it uses mythical gods, such as Zues, Ra, and Thor. Like other MOBAs it has 3 lanes with towers that must be destroyed to win with a Jungle with a lot of goodies for you to take to gain an advantage over the enemy.

Now for the quick review. Smite is a lot of fun, it's strategic, fast-paced, but it does have it's fair share of problems. But to start off with the positives, Smite's third person camera makes it much more intense and faster-paced than other MOBAs, attacks are not automatic, as you have to aim your attacks accordingly, unlike in some other MOBAs where it attacks automaticly, and there are abilities that shake up the gameplay and so on. The balancing is actually pretty good, but not perfect. For the most part every character is well balanced, with plenty of fair matches that have close calls. However it is not perfect, certain characters are way too good and easy to use (Shakes internet fist at Ao Kuang and Neith) making a few matches one-sided and boring.

(My favorite character)

Another problem I have is with how favor is distributed, as you see, Smite runs on microtransactions but all characters can be unlocked with in game money called favor. Favor is earned through playing matches and the better you do, the more favor you get. However, distribution of favor completely rewards people who get the most kills, and gives people who play mainly as support (such as me) the scraps, making unlocking anything a slow and tiring process. Another problem I have is the controls, they are alright for the most part but aiming your basic attacks feels loose and has no weight to it. I miss constantly due to not knowing how far my attacks will reach, which reaches another problem, range classes's projectiles have a strange trajectory to them that makes it even harder to aim. 

The game's graphics are pleasant to look at even at the lowest settings. Speaking of settings, Smite will run on almost any computer relatively smoothly, increasing the accesibility of the game. Smite also does a fantastic job of teaching you the basics and getting you ready for the game itself. The game also has a good sense of humor with cringe worthy (otherwords my EXACT favorite humor) with a skin for Aphrodite being Afro-dite, complete with disco attire. I think Smite is a lot of fun, while yes it does have some problems, it is still a lot of fun and I can recomend it to anyone. 8.5/10 

Now with that out of the way, here are a few of the gods I think should be in Smite.

1.Set the god of chaos

Set was the god of chaos in ancient Egyption mythology, he was born from Nut, the sky goddess in a lot of complicated family matters. Set was like Ra's second in command, and loved him. But when his sister Isis overthrew Ra so her husband Orsiris could become the Pharaoh of Egypt. Set didn't like this so he then killed Orsiris and became the Pharaoh of Egypt who would then be overthrown by Horus (Later down the list). Now with all of that out of the way, lets talk about what they could do with Set. I think he would be a Warrior with his lovely depictions of stabbing people. Since he is the god of red sands I think they could use that to slow the enemies down, and for his Ultimate attack I think him unleashing the Set animal would be pretty cool. I would add his wife to this list, Nepthys, to have the complete Set (Theres that cringe worthy humor) of main Egyption Gods, but as of now there is way too many water gods.

2. Horus the Avenger

Horus is the daughter of Isis, after Set overthrew Orsiris, Horus and Isis fled and waited for Horus to get stronger, but he didn't liked hiding so when he got mad he decapitated his mother's head and had a libarian make her a new head out of birds, did I mention they grow some serious s*** in the Nile?. Anyway, he would be a Warrior and his attacks would revolve around him using Hawkes to kill people and wreck face. I feel like one of his abilities would use the Eye of Horus, one of Egypt's most famous icons, as a protection buff.

(This is it of you don't know what I'm talking about)


Alright, hear me out on this one. Smite already has characters who are not gods but still mythical, so why not? He is a myth of his kind, and it would add some variety to all the Super burly dudes and scantily clad women. He would move by his tentacles and woudn't walk, adding to his creepiness, his abilities would have him shooting 8 pages in an arch to slow down his enemies, a teleportation stun attack (Similar to Nemisis), an invisibility cloud (similar to Nu Wa) and you could call it paranoia, and for his ultimate attack he could touch an enemy, slowing them down, debuffing them, and increases Slenderman's defense. His basic attack would have him attacking with his tentacles, and he could have a passive similar to Thanatos.