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My top ten favorite pokemon

I am not afraid to admit that I'm a huge pokemon fan. But as much as I love them all, some had to be better than others and this isn't the top ten stat wise pokemon (altough many are used in competiteve battling) or the most popular pokemon, these are just my opinions and these pokemon don't even make up 2% of the entire cast.


Now before you get your pitchforks and start killing me, they are several reasons why I like Bidoof, First Biberal is a great HM slave, Second I feel bad for him because he is always rediculed, and lastly I always had a soft spot for  for the first rodent pokemon you see.


We always made this choice and you know what choice I'm talken about. Squirtle is my favourite Gen 1 starter and is also great for speed runing the original blue and red pokemon games. Also there is a squirlte gang in the Anime, so we should all hide.

8. Kyogre 

Hands down my favorite legendary and with a massive 150 special attack he is devestating. His move drizzle makes it Rain without having to use rain dance which my team is revovled around of. He is also the reason I choose Saphire over Ruby Becuase of his awesome design alone. Kyogre is simply Kyogreat. (I am terribly sorry about that awful pun)


This is my favorite Gen 5 pokemon and has one of my favorite designs because it isn't overly complex and it requires special care acording to the pokedex "Liligant is popular with celebrities. It is very dificult to get this pokemon's flower to bloom one it does however it will wilt if neglected." You hear that? Liligant is popular with celebrities. Imagine the possibilities! Kevin Bacon with Liligant, nuff said.

6. Ludicolo

This is one of the jolliest pokemon I have ever seen, I mean look at him. He is also the signeture pokemon of mirror B one of the franchise most crazy characters. He is also a great pokemon in battle with his rain dish ability, leftovers, and leech seed he will never die and constatly regain health. Also I came up with one of the best nicknames ever for him Loonycolo. (I guess not)


Variety is the spice of life and Eevee represents that with more evalutionary lines than any pokemon. My favorite of these is jolteon. He is also a gift from one of my favorite people from the pokemon universe Bill who created the box syestem. And there is a great Eevee song that is hilarious.


(Sorry bout no video but the video thing woudn't work)


Ha! You can't complain about your favorite pokemon not making this list cuz ditto can transform so you have 0 right to complain. Anyway Ditto gets AROUND.

3. Salamance

This is my favorite Dragon pokemon ever due to his incredible move pool, gargantuan stats, and cool design. He help me beat saphire against Steven and I couldn't of done it without him. He also finally lives his dream as a Bagon and that makes me so happy when he evolves. 



This Guy's mustache is nothing short of magneficent I mean look at it! Another plus is that he was one of the most powerful pokemon of red and blue and to this day still gets plenty of competitive use. He is also really hard for me to obtain due to Abra teleporting, and is so satisfying once you get him and evovle him (if you have friends to trade with) and I encountered my first shiny looking for him a green zubat. He also promotes spoon usage.

1. Metagross

This is quite possibly one of the most overpowered pokemon of all time thanks to his awesome stats. He is also a combination of my favorite types Steel, and Phsycic. He is also the signature pokemon of Steven who is one of my favorite trainers of all time. He is also a reward from him (as a beldum though) and there are so many memes and jokes about how powerful he is.He also has a mouth under his belly so he could just eat by hovering over his prey and lowering on to them making him even more terrifiying. Metagross is a fan favorite and it is easy to see why.

Grumpy that your pokemon wasn't here? Then look at 4. You one of them new gen haters well just ignore this and go about your life and leave us alone.