Videogames have a long history of moments that are memorable for many different reasons. GI has even has a "moments" feature that highlights touching, shocking, or astonishing moments in gaming. While those events do live on with many of us, there are also moments that leave you with a feeling of, um, discomfort. Some of them are intentionally put into games; others are there purely because of oversight or glitches. Whatever the cause, there are a few games that stuck out to me the most. This list is limited to games I have actually played, so while there might be moments even more awkward than these, they aren't awkward to me if I never experienced them. So without further ado, here are 5 moments from my own gaming experience that left me feeling a little disturbed.

***Contains spoilers for Super Mario Sunshine, please skip number 4 if you don't want this riveting ending to be ruined for you (and yes, I'm rolling my eyes as I type this)***

5. Papa, what's that man doing?

This is the question my son asked me when we were playing Ring King, and this cut scene came on between rounds. When I first played this game, I was about 8 and really never put much thought behind this scene. After all, my main desire was for the scene to be over with so I could get back to some more boxing action. Unfortunately for me, my son is in that "why" phase of his life, and last week he posed this question during one of our Ring King sessions and I couldn't help but laugh. It was pretty hysterical to me, but the levity of the moment passed when I noticed my son staring at me. I don't know why I panicked, but my mind raced to find an answer that would satiate his curiosity and help me to avoid this topic in the future.

The trouble with giving a boring answer such as "He's just tightening his trunks" is that it doesn't explain why I found it to be particularly entertaining. He kept prodding, I kept dancing around this awkward topic of conversation, and eventually I just suggested we play Excite Bike. I think this goes without saying, but Ring King isn't going to get much playing time in the near future.

4. How is that even physically possible?!

When I got to this moment in Super Mario Sunshine, I was a little thrown off. You finally are confronted with Bowser Jr., who makes the stunning revelation that he's protecting his mother...Peach. This is not, however, what makes this scene awkward. Peach's reaction to this is where things got weird for me. One would suspect that her reaction would be "What the %$#& are you talking about?!" or "Have you completely lost your mind?!" No, instead she says "Oh, so you're Bowser's son." Really? There was no denial or flat out rejection of such a notion, rather a simple phrase that would indicate that some pieces of the story were coming together for her. I was under the impression that now Mario is the ultimate homewrecker, and worse was that I was actually helping this chubby Italian version of Peyton Flanders (+2 if you get the reference without clicking the link) in his mission to ruin the Bowser family from a creepily ever after storybook ending.

All of this is revealed to be nothing but a fabrication by Bowser Sr. later on, but by this time I had already been subjected to vomit inducing mental images that could not be scrubbed from my mind with psychological steel wool.  Thanks Nintendo.

3. Nah Nah, Nah Nah, dude looks like a lady!

Final Fantasy VII is one of those games that is flooded with a plethora of stunning revelations and memorable sequences that have made this entry in the series arguably one of the best. Square was not happy, however, without adding in one of gaming's most awkward sequences as well. Cloud has to sneak into Don Corneo's mansion to learn where he can find Tifa. Everything about this mission is simply squirm inducing, from finding the perfect outfit to convincing the Don that you're the "best catch," you're forced to go along with fooling Corneo into believing that you'll give him a night he'll never forget (cut to George Takei saying "indeed"). This was one part of the game that could not end quickly enough for me, and it made me glad that my parents never walked in and read the dialog. 

2. President Johnson shakes hands with Mr. Johnson.

Ah, Metal Gear Solid 2, you are a cornucopia of the awkward and the strange. From naked cartwheels to semi-incestuous confessions, this game could inspire a list all on its own. Of all the bizarre and ridiculous moments, however, the scene where Raiden confronts President Johnson (pun intended?) has to be the strangest. First of all, even if Johnson thinks Raiden is a woman, in what universe is it ok to grab another person's crotch? Who does he think he is, Bill Clinton? It's even more ballsy (yes, that pun was intended) to pull this move when the crotch you're reaching for belongs to someone in possession of a firearm. I understand that President Johnson eluded to having somewhat of a death wish, but getting shot grabbing another man's junk is no way to go about it. Why isn't this #1? Well...

1. Is that Jim Carey?

Yes, the fact that I have to admit that I played Catherine is awkward and embarrassing enough. I played this game on the recommendation from a friend (who is no longer allowed to recommend games to me) and I almost didn't finish it. Almost. This is not a game I would recommend to anyone, and one of the main reasons why is pictured above. This game goes where few games have gone before, and pushes more than a few boundaries, but nothing leaves you feeling more uneasy (and a bit nauseous) than being chased after by an Ace Ventura gag gone horribly wrong. The sound effects make matters even worse. In a game filled with cringe worthy experiences, the butt-monster stands heads and shoulders above the rest.  I think it goes without saying, but I happily got rid of this game. If only I can get rid of the images. Unfortunately for me, no amount of time spent on a therapist's coach would do the trick.

Do you have any awkward moments of your own to share? They can't be much worse than mine.