I myself tend to stick to playing WRPGs (Western Role Playing Games) such as The Elder Scrolls, and Mass Effect as opposed to JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games). This is partly because I have an Xbox 360 as my only home console, which is very lacking in good JRPG titles compared to other systems like PS3. Somehow I managed to forget what a great offering of JRPG titles my 3DS has to offer. I don't usually play JRPGs, but it's not because I have anything against them, I just believed I had no way to play most of the good ones. Well, yesterday I downloaded the Bravely Default demo to my 3DS, and I have to say I'm impressed.

Part of what turns me away from some JRPGs is the trend of (warning: personal opinion incoming) overly complicated, drawn out combat scenarios and mechanics. I don't have that problem with Bravely Default. The combat is relatively mechanically simple on the surface but still containing enough depth and strategy to keep it fun and interesting, and the combat encounters don't feel like they take too long to complete, nor do they feel rushed. For me, they're perfectly timed. 

Also, the sleep functionality of the 3DS means if something interrupts my game, I can just close the system (even in the middle of combat) and not need to worry about my game being screwed up in any way (a worry I have with console JRPGs; they're too difficult to interrupt if needed. Actually, this applies to pretty much all console games). So because of this, encounters don't drag on too long, and in the case that they do, I can stop playing temporarily and resume later if need be. 

This demo also has a story and missions of it's own, so nothing from the main game is spoiled by playing the demo, nor will you have to repeat any sequences upon purchase. Everything will be fresh and new. So, I recommend that anyone here with a 3DS download this demo and play it a bit, even if they don't usually play JRPGs. It's a great game and I'm sad I probably won't be able to get it upon release (next 3DS game I purchase absolutely must be The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds), but after playing a bit more of the demo I can see myself picking this one up as soon as I have the chance.


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