I don't really know you too well bender, so I admit to creeping on your page to dig up some information. I know you enjoyed LittleBigPlanet 2 and wrote about it in the final entry of your 31/31 so I took some things from that. 

August 10, 2011

What am I going to do... there are still 178 days of school left. No one really gets me.

I don't feel like thinking about this anymore.

Even though it was thundering outside, Bender didn't care. He really wanted to play LittleBigPlanet 2, especially after another terrible day of school. 

He just didn't feel like moping around anymore, and nothing cheered him up more than the fun, imaginative world of LBP.

Settling into his large, comfy bean bag, Bender relaxed as his game loaded.

A loud clap of thunder pulled him from his reverie. 

That was a bit... too close for comfort. Maybe Mom is right and I shouldn't play this during a storm. 

Bending over to turn off the system, a bolt of lightning suddenly strikes right behind the PS3.

That was scary! Well, at least lightning never strikes twi-Ow!

A bolt of lightning jolts Bender back into his chair as he slips into darkness...

And when he awakens, he is...in the game?

What the heck is going on?!

Looking down at himself, he's at least comforted by his trademark paper bag hat and pink fuzzy gloves. 

"Hey Amigo! About time you woke up," perked a voice behind Bender. Bender spun around quickly to confront whoever snuck up on him. 

"Who are you?! What's going on?!"

The other sackboy put his hands up slowly, "Take it easy there Amigo, I come in peace. The name's G.I.O." 

"Amigo? Wait a second...what?"

"That is your trademark, isn't it? And we are in your head after all." 

"I...yeah... I guess this is just one weird dream. But I'll play along. So, G.I.O, what are we supposed to do?"

"We have to get you to the Negativatron."

Bender froze. "What? You mean we're going towards the monster? I've never been able to defeat it before. It's like it... sees right through me. And it's right about everything, I really don't fit in. I can't."

G.I.O drags over two squares. 

"Take a seat, Amigo. Listen, you're young, and many people don't figure this out until later in life, but people often shun or ridicule what they can't understand. Be proud of your imagination, and be proud of yourself. Isn't that why you come here, in LBP, to inspire you? Listen, where I'm from there are other like you. It's a magical place full of imagination. There are gamers, fanboys and fangirls, and even Bronies too. I'll have to take you there after this is over, I think you'd like it a lot."

unexpectedly began to play...

"That's enough share and care time amigo, you have a Negativatron to slay. C'mon!"

G.I.O and Bender both jumped and swam, and climbed and ran, until they finally reached a huge chasm. 

Nodding at one another, they both took a running head start, jumped, and sailed through the air onto a vine. 

Negativatron stood a few feet away, already shouting insults.

"Alright Amigo, on the count of 3, you push off okay? 1....2.....3!!"

Bender flew through the air, landing right at the feet of Negativatron.

Keeping up with the beat of the music, he ignored the insults and focused on dodging projectiles, and using rolls to inflict damage. 

Finally, he reached the final platform, the jumping off point that would lead to his enemy's demise. 

"Goooo Amiggooo!" shouted a very enthusiastic G.I.O  from his vine.

He waited for me, he believes in me. And I need to believe in myself. 

Shutting his eyes, Bender steps onto the platform.

He feels the breeze on his face as he's projected through the air. And then he lands, his feet touching the-

Bender was at the top. 

Negativatron was defeated.

"G.I.O, I did it!! I did it!!"

G.I.O swung on his vine, excitedly pumping his fist. 

"I knew you could Amigo, I knew it!"

Suddenly, a blinding light flashed down on Bender, forcing his eyes shut.

"Wait, G.I.O, what's happening?!"

"Just look for me!!! I'm closer than you think!!" 

The light grew brighter and brighter and-

"Ow, did you have to slap me?!" 

The first thing Bender noticed were his parents hovering over him, his father holding a flashlight, and his mother lowering her hand.

"Bender, you know you aren't supposed to have anything on during a storm! What were you doing? Never mind, we don't want to hear it. It's late, we should all get some rest. Shut the t.v. and computer and get to bed. Good night."

His parents left Bender quickly. Angrily picking himself up, he stomped over to his desk, mumbling to himself. "I didn't turn on my compu...ter."

Sure enough, it was on. Even weirder, there was an unknown web site on-screen. "Gameinformer online..."

G.I.O... Game Informer Online? No, there's no way... well... it couldn't hurt to see what this is all about...

And that little sackboys and sackgirls, is how Benderstrike64 came to be here on Gameinformer.