Every Gamer has made bad decisions before. Whether you bought a bad game, got mad at other players who you probably shouldn’t have gotten mad at, or spammed an overpowered weapon or fighter, we’ve all made bad decisions. So, to help you not commit gaming “sins”, here are the 10 Commandments of Gaming! (Don’t take this too seriously. This is a fun, lighthearted blog.)

1.      Thou shall have no other hobbies before gaming.

We all do other things besides gaming. Some of us play sports, others act in plays, and some have a real job! However, it’s important to remember, gaming must always come first! If you game instead of going to your football game, your coach and your teammates will hate you forever. If you game instead of going to play practice, the director and your fellow actors will never let you act again. If you game instead of going to work, your boss will fire you and you will probably be living in your mom’s basement for the rest of your life. Clearly, these are not serious consequences. You can definitely ditch a few things so you have more time for gaming.

2.      Thou shall not play clones.

Whenever someone has a great idea, someone else is bound to copy their idea. Games are no exception to this. People have been copying other people’s games since the inception of video games. Just look at God of War. Tons of games have tried to copy God of War’s combat. Thou shall take no part in playing these clones. Even though the clones can be tons of fun, you shall not play them.

3.      Thou shall not make fun of other gamers.

There are tons of gamers out there. Everyone has different tastes, and you shall not ridicule them. Even though you might think WoW players are nerds who will never have a girlfriend, accept them. Even though you might think the CoD players are idiots who can’t tell that their series has never changed, don’t tell them that their game is stupid. Every gamer is different, but we’re all gamers. That’s all we need in common.


4.      Thou must honor the midnight release.

You’ve been waiting for a game for over a year. You’ve had it preordered for months. Thou must honor the midnight release. You can’t wait ‘till morning to get the game. Thou must get it at midnight. What’s that you say? You have to go to work in the morning? That is no excuse. Thou must get the game as soon as possible. If thou doesn’t get the game as soon as possible, thou shall lose all of their honor.


5.      Thou shall play older games.

Thou must play older games. What’s that you say? There are so many AAA titles coming out that you don’t have time to go back and play older games? How dare you! Thou must go back and play the classics. No one has played every game ever made. There are too many games for one man to play. However, thou must play as many of these games as thou possibly can. There are tons of great games out there. Go back and play the classics.

6.      Thou must not commit cheap kills.

There are tons of ways to kill enemies in video games. There are also tons of ways to kill enemies in a cheap fashion. Thou must not use the grenade launcher in Call of Duty. Thou shall kill his adversaries by taking them out in an honorable fashion. In Resident Evil, thou must not user the rocket launcher on bosses. You can take out most bosses in the game by using the rocket launcher. Thou shall kill the bosses by using guns and grenades. Thou must always kill in an honorable fashion. Thou should not misuse a game’s weapons.


7.      Thou must not buy games just to stare at attractive characters.

There are some games that try to attract players by using attractive characters. Thou must not buy these games just to stare at the attractive characters. Don’t play the Dead or Alive series just to stare at the women. Play it to experience the greatest characters in video games. You think Uncharted has great characters? Wait ‘till you see the amazing character “development”. You will be shocked by the realistic characters. Speaking of Uncharted, thou must not play Uncharted just to stare at the incredibly sexy Nathan Drake. Women, I know you all want to play Uncharted just so you can stare at Nathan Drake. Thou shall not do this. For that matter, don’t even play Uncharted. Even though it has extremely fun gameplay, the second most realistic characters in video games( behind the Dead or Alive series), and stunning graphics, we all know you just want to play it to stare at Nathan Drake. Thou shall not do this.


8.      Thou shall not hack or pirate games.

Nobody likes hackers. Especially since the Playstation Network went down, hackers have been very unpopular. Thou shall not hack. Many developers are losing lots of money, because of pirating. Thou shall not pirate games. Thou should just pay for the game. Don’t steal the game. Just pay for it. Thou must be an honorable gamer, and hacking and pirating are not honorable. Thou must stay away from these forms of thievery.

9.      Thou must be an honest gamer.

Everyone wants to have the highest gamerscore, the most trophies, or the best KD. Thou must not lie about these accomplishments. Don’t say that you have a gamerscore of over 50,000 if you don’t even have a gamerscore of 25,000. Don’t say you have 10 platinum trophies if you only have 5. Don’t say that you have a KD of 2.5 if your KD isn’t even 1.0. Be an honest gamer. Don’t lie about your accomplishments.

10.   Thou must not covet another gamer’s possessions.

At some point in every gamer’s life, his friend will have something that he doesn’t. Whether it’s Batman: Arkham City or a 3DS, thou shall not covet another gamer’s possessions. Don’t be lazy, just go buy it yourself! If you don’t have the money, save up! Thou must be a productive gamer. Productive gamers don’t waste their time coveting other gamer’s possessions. They get every achievement point or trophy in a game while they wait ‘till they’ve saved up enough money to buy the possessions themselves.


I hope you were enlightened by “The Ten Commandments of Video Games”. Are there any commandments you think should be added to the list?