A Christmas Story: 10/10

Brandon and I actually watched this yesterday together and I didn't have time to post the review, blah blah blah, anyways.  If you haven't seen "A Christmas Story," you're probably missing out on the top 3 greatest Christmas movies of all time.

The story begins with little Ralphie looking at his one true desire through the store window: an "official Red Ryder carbine-action two-hundred-shot range model air rifle."  He wants it bad (and I mean bad.  Think about the one, oh, video game you really wanted more than anything).  He wanted it so bad that he asked everyone who could hear him for it.  Nobody was listening, though.  They all said "You'll shoot your [stupid little] eye out, kid!"  Yeah, parents can be such a-holes sometimes.

Basically this movie's plot is exactly that, with other Christmas and family themes running through it.  It's nothing complex or inspired, but it's just a good movie all the way through.  I really think it's the ultimate Christmas movie.

If you ever have kids (and I sincerely hope you don't.  Yeah, you!) then this should be required to watch for, oh, about every year.  The movie has made SUCH an impact that it's played on TBS every year on Christmas for twenty-four hours straight.  The weird thing is some people actually watch it multiple times.  Not only have it on in the background but actually sit down and watch it with the family and everything.  People are crazy.