Today we had a double-feature:

The Nightmare Before Christmas: 9.95/10

It's the one Christmas movie (well, besides maybe "Gremlins") that can also be played during the Holloween season and still be relevant.  I know there are a lot of fans of this movie, even on these here boards, and for good reason, too.  I haven't seen this one since childhood, and I'm glad I watched it again this year.

Brandon and I usually aren't a fan of musicals, but the songs in this movie were so darn catchy and, well, fun.  Tim Burton absolutely nailed the Holloween-esque vibe in a Christmas movie, and for that, I applaud him.


Just Friends: 8/10

Okay, it's only a "Christmas" movie technically.  Just like Die Hard, the only thing it has to do with the holiday is the time of year it takes place.  It doesn't matter, though, because this movie is a guilty pleasure of mine.  It's a sappy romantic comedy, which really brings nothing new to the genre, but it also appeals to regular comedy fans.

Chris Brander and his best friend Jamie Palamino have been best friends since high school ("I can't wait 'til I go to hi-ke school, Billy").  Secretly, he's always liked her, you know, that way.  But he was a dorky fat kid who was "the sensitive type."  So after an embarrassing brush with humility, he ditches his small town in Jersey and heads out to the west coast.  While there, he cleans up, loses weight, and becomes a successful record producer.  But he's still has that dorky and lovable personality.

After one of his crazy clients causes a mechanical malfunction on an airplane, they're forced to land.  Coincidentally, it's his old home town!  That's when the story really takes flight (*wink*) and hilarity ensues.  So go and see it if you haven't.  You might be disappointed, but then again probably not.