The Santa Clause: 8/10

OMG!  It's a Tim Allen Christmas movie!  Yes, he's the go-to guy for a formulaic Christmas comedy.  That's not a bad thing; it's just a fact.  In this movie he plays the guy who MURDERED (or Muckducked for all you fans of "The Office") Santa Claus by THROWING *** AT HIM when Santa was standing on his icey roof.  Er, wait, he surprised him.  I don't know, I can't remember.  Brandon gave me egg nog at the beginning of the movie (don't worry, it wore off by now).

So after Tim MURDERED Santa, he finds out about a little "Clause" that implicates that he must become THE NEW SANTA!!  So he dons the suit, hops in the sleigh, and for some reason his trouble-making kid comes with him, and they head on North to the North Pole.  That's where they meet up with the tightwad Bernard, the head elf (played by the guy from Numb3rs!!) and he just gives Tim a load of crap and basically is just there to give him a hard time.

Tim doesn't want to be the new Santa Claus, so he goes back home and refuses to acknowledge any of this.  But he hilariously grows a big, white beard, white hair, and about 250 lbs.  I wont ruin the rest of the movie for you, but he eventually accepts the fact that he's Santa and two sequels come into play.

Who has seen this movie?  What are your thoughts?