Brandon recently attended the midnight screening of Twilight on Thursday night.  He was a little too excited to tell me all about it, and here's the facebook message he sent me:

It was tight as HELL dude!  I got my tix in advance cause I aint no amatuer.  I got to the theater, like 12 days early!  Haha just playin, playa, it wasn't that long.  more like a day early.  I had the Team Jacob sign and a chair to sit on and EVERYTHING!  course I had to bring some grub.  My baby bro came around and hooked me up with some steak.  it was funny, though, dude, I told these little girls it was warewolf steak and they was all like "That's wrong!  You on Team Jacob!" and I was all like "Your right!  I meant to say its the remains of a vampire!"  They got a little weirded out and decided to go to the back of the line.

Baby bro was all like "Brandon, lemme watch New Moon with you!  I really want to see it!" and I told him it was probably gonna be too scary for him 'cause he saw a warewolf flick when he was a kid and he wet the bed for a week after.  Worst week of my life.  So I sent him away and these other girls were walkin' down the line.  I said "Hold up!  You ain't goin' anywhere NEAR the front of the line!"  They said to me "Boy, dontchu think your too old fo' some movie aimed for teenagers?!?"  So I did my best impression of a warewolf and they ran scared.  It was tight.

Well it finally came time to go inside.  It was crazy, dude!  I sat dead center.  Best seat in the house.  I put up my sign and the people behind me were all like "Dude!  I can't see the screen!  Get your sign the F out of here!" So I took the sign and whacked the dude over the head with it.  He just ripped it up and threw it on the floor.  I told him that sign took me forever to make!  I got so pissed, man.  So I slapped him upside his head.  He then put me in a head lock and gave me a nookie and I was all like "HELL NAW!" And we got in a stupid fight and got kicked out cause it was upsetting somebody's kids or something.  Something stupid.

I'm still a little on edge that I invested that much time in a movie with no results.  What's even worse is that I got banned from the theater 'cause that was, like, the third time I got in a fight.  I don't know.  So now I gotta wait for the DVD.  I hate that guy.