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  • My Video Game Industry Wish List

    Hello, whoever is reading this! I'm one of the new summer interns here at Game Informer, and I’m super excited to write some entertaining stuff for you guys! We each have our own introductory blogs so you can get to know us better, but with... More
  • Who Is This Guy?

    Hey GI Community! I’m Doug and I’m excited to be introducing myself as one of Game Informer’s Summer Interns! I’ve found myself participating in a number of icebreaker activities this year, so my five interesting facts about myself... More
  • PSA: Koncsol Is Pronounced “Console”

    And yes, before anyone asks, I did legally change my name to get this internship. Realistically though, I’m just using this internship as a platform to educate the population on the correct pronunciation and spelling of my name. Suggestion –... More