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  • Amazing Photographer Loads Up On Saturn Crap

    13 3
    Japan and video games? What will they think of next?! While we were overseas for Tokyo Game Show last week, I had a little time to do some shopping. If you're a big nerd, that means one of a few things: manga, anime or video games. Since manga and... More
  • LFTE: The Origin Of A Cover Story (Oct 09)

    Every month I'll post up my Letter From The Editor when the magazine hits the street for you all to mock or praise. So without further adieu, here is the letter from the Crackdown 2 issue. Enjoy. Celebrity and fashion magazines make a splash with... More
  • And It Begins With a Rant...

    21 2
    So...this is my first blog post. And I figured. What the hell. Why don't I just go off. Call me Old Man McNamara, in honor of Old Man Murray. Here goes... I read so many conspiracy theories about Game Informer both online and in letters that it makes... More
  • Why Capcom Owned TGS

    While many gaming companies had at least one or two big announcements and/or new playable levels at Tokyo Game Show, Capcom destroyed all with its ass kicking lineup. Here’s a quick rundown: Lost Planet 2: Four player co-op was up and running for... More
  • Help Me Save Madden!

    5 1
    Real-life football games take upwards of three hours or more from start to finish. Games of Madden – especially since it's added more between-play cutscenes to improve its presentation – can also take a while to finish when compared to... More
  • We Need More Rock in Our Rock Band

    11 5
    A few years ago, many believed the music genre to be a fad – a digital Tickle Me Elmo that would be forgotten a season later. With the success of Rock Band: The Beatles, and the continued support from consumers for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero’s... More
  • Game Informer Twitters

    While you'll see sidebars and links in various places across the site, here's a definitive list of Twitter accounts for the Game Informer staff. You can show off your own Twitter on your profile by simply switching to edit mode and entering it... More
  • Skate 2: The Video

    So I thought I would salvage this video from the old Game Informer site because I really liked how it turned out. Skateboarding is a sport that I have loved since I was an ankle biter. Making this was some of the most fun I've had editing video and... More
  • How To Get Started Blogging On Game Informer

    Welcome to the new GameInformer.com! In addition to being able to check out all the latest news, reviews, previews, videos, and podcasts from the Game Informer staff, our new site has a ton of ways for you to contribute. You can join the conversation... More
  • Hi, there.

    Thanks for stopping by. For years, as editors, our main way to tell you about our interests both in and out of gaming has been in a tiny blurb by our pictures in the magazine – trust me when I tell you how excited we all are to start having some... More
  • Japanoramic

    10 5
    While out here in Tokyo for TGS 09, I had a chance to check out a very, very tall building and its top floor. I shot a ton of panoramic photos while up there and this is one of the throw aways I had (because of the noticeable glare and reflections). Notice... More