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  • A Look At LEGO Star Wars: A Visual Dictionary

    12 1
    If anyone asks, I DID NOT steal this LEGO Star Wars book from Andy. I found it. In his office. On his desk. Next to his wallet. Correction: Empty wallet. Some of you may be familiar with the other Star Wars visual dictionaries, and this book is no different... More
  • Developers Who Beat Me Up #1

    8 1
    Bryan Williams, Creative Manager for the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw series, comes out to the GI office a couple times a year. Each visit invariably ends with him putting the hurt on me. You may have witnessed some of our “match ups” in the pages... More
  • Pathfinder

    I’ve been an avid D&D player for most of my life, and it’s an awfully good time to be someone in that position. The tabletop role-playing scene has seen some revolutions in design in recent years, not the least of them the incredible job... More
  • Weezer - The 8-bit Album

    10 1
    So I realize this chiptune take on Weezer has probably been around for awhile, but I just heard about it and figured at least two other people in the world hadn't yet. This is for you guys! Despite the blue album cover art, the songs range from Weezer's... More
  • A New Obsession?

    21 3
    So a funny thing happened back when I started working here at GI (no Andy, it hasn't only been a couple of weeks), I became much more cognizant of that whole video game culture thing. Specifically, all the toys, gadgets, trinkets, apparel, etc that... More
  • The[Crafty]Gamer: Ashley Hay

    8 1
    Welcome to the first official post of The[Crafty]Gamer! Read on to learn more about Minnesota native Ashley Hay, her T-shirt designs and what it took to put these pieces together. Use this post as a reference on how future posts will be laid out. If you're... More
  • Behind the Scenes: No Soup for You

    24 11
    Four copies of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves showed up in the Game Informer offices last week. Roughly every hour, an editor enters my office to politely ask if they can take a copy home to play. Since I need these copies for a multiplayer session with Naughty... More
  • Stories Of Production Insanity #1

    5 1
    Well the last year of my life has been almost completely devoted to producing this wonderful new site. Its been a long road and the results are turning out amazing. But when you spend a lot of time in the office like we have getting ready, weird things... More
  • Aion: Into The Fire With You

    If skimpy leopard-printed rags are the newbie armor, why level up? After shelving my Templar on account of oh my god fights take so long kill me now , I ascended an Assassin. On the plus side, hot pants look much better on her and she kills much faster... More
  • Why You Should Care About Free-To-Play Games

    Turbine's DDO Unlimited recently went from traditional pricing to free-to-play This whole free-to-play thing isn't going anywhere. This year at E3, I probably spent more time checking out free, advertising- or microtransaction-supported games... More
  • My April Fool's prank on my dad last year

    38 7
    Now that I live in Minneapolis, my family back in KC doesn't have to worry about putting up with my elaborate, time-consuming pranks anymore. This is my favorite. More
  • The[Crafty]Gamer: Blog For The Gamer/Artisan

    11 1
    Welcome to the new home of Game Informer online! The new site gives us all the opportunity to really break beyond the pages of the magazine to deliver more content and interact with the gaming community. We’re all here because we have a common hobby... More