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  • Play BioShock 2 With GI Editors...Tonight!

    27 4
    Have you ever wanted to see just how terrible a full-time video game writer can be at online multiplay? Oh boy, am I ever ready to show you. If you've got a copy of BioShock 2 for the Xbox 360, you can join me and Annette Gonzalez tonight for a multiplayer... More
  • CosBlog #19: Ada Wong by Yaya Han

    15 2
    I’ve been itching for the perfect chance to feature costume designer, model, and cosplay queen Yaya Han’s work for some time. Luckily, A recent photoshoot showcasing her tribute to Resident Evil 4 provided the perfect opportunity. When finished... More
  • What's The Big Deal? Five Of My Most Overrated Games

    102 4
    What propels you to play a particular video game? And to that extent, what prompts you to buy said game in the first place? Have you ever just walked into a store and purchased a game you knew nothing about, basing your entire decision on the box alone... More
  • Overheard: GI Staff Quotables #7


    Check out the latest blog in the Overheard series. Listen closely around the halls of the GI office and you'll hear the staff say some unusual, and oftentimes hilarious things, which we have posted here for your amusement.

    ... More
  • 2010 MLB Season Simmed In Honor Of Nick Punto Day

    10 3

    I remembered that I have a build of 2K Sports' MLB 2K10 at my desk, so I simulated the season to see how Visual Concepts thinks the year is going to go for Little Nicky.

    ... More
  • Game Informer Trivia Challenge: Mind Blown!

    42 7

    I thought it would take some time for another person to break the 10K mark, boy, was wrong! Mind Blown!

    ... More
  • A Final Fantasy Dork Tells You What To Expect From FF XIII

    52 3

    A Final Fantasy dork's spoiler-free rundown of some of the main systems in Final Fantasy XIII, how they work, and how prior games in the series influenced them.

    ... More
  • CosBlog #18: Altaïr by Dustin Guinn

    This week’s CosBlog entry highlights a different facet of cosplay culture – commissioned costumes. Participating in cosplay isn’t limited to those with skills on par with professional seamstresses. Some cosplayers create every inch of... More
  • Heavy Rain And The Birth Of Interactive Film

    I remember a number of landmark moments in my personal gaming experience – titles that changed my perceptions of what games could do, and what I wanted out of the games I played. Super Metroid. Final Fantasy VII. Halo. GTA III. Guitar Hero. World... More
  • GI Fitness Battle: Week 5 [UPDATE]

    27 1
    Five Game Informer editors are squaring off in a weight loss competition to shed 25 pounds. Every week they weigh in on Wii Fit Plus to see who's working it and who's sitting out. This week, Jeff's out of the office, Dan loses weight while... More
  • People Who Write "First!" In Comments Sections Should Be Banned From The Web

    141 5
    Alright, so that's a little extreme. However, since the new Game Informer site launched back in October, we've seen this "First!" phenom go from sprinkling a few posts to now spamming nearly everything written by both editors and the... More
  • Custom Vinyl: Silent Hill Staples

    29 4
    I’ve been on a bit of a Silent Hill kick the past few weeks and these little guys are the reason why. After creating my first custom Munny figures a few weeks back, I began feverishly debating what I should take on next. I almost instantly had my... More