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  • My April Fool's prank on my dad last year

    37 7
    Now that I live in Minneapolis, my family back in KC doesn't have to worry about putting up with my elaborate, time-consuming pranks anymore. This is my favorite. More
  • The[Crafty]Gamer: Blog For The Gamer/Artisan

    10 1
    Welcome to the new home of Game Informer online! The new site gives us all the opportunity to really break beyond the pages of the magazine to deliver more content and interact with the gaming community. We’re all here because we have a common hobby... More
  • Check Out the Game Informer Show in Podcasts

    Hey everyone...my big task during the countdown to the launch of gameinformer.com 2.0 was recording and producing our very first podcast. We know that it's way overdue, but we really wanted to wait until we had the proper recording set-up and website... More
  • The[Crafty]Gamer: Submission Guidelines

    Question: Do you have what it takes to submit to the Crafty Gamer blog? Yes. You design Mario-inspired T-shirts. You create figurines based off the Magnacarta series. You knit Okami plush toys. Whatever video-game inspired pieces you create in your spare... More
  • Launch Insanity

    19 4
    So over the last 48 hours, I decided to test out my bad photography skills and take some photos of the staff hard at work during launch. It’s a small peek into our world, but it most certainly won’t be the last. In the wee hours of the night... More
  • Codec Chatter: Assassin's Creed Scribe Corey May

    I love writing for magazines because the monthly format allows us to delve deeper into topics that blogs and websites typically touch upon as they happen and henceforth abandon. But one of the big drawbacks to the print world is the page count; we only... More
  • Weird Stuff I Saw In Japan While Attending TGS: The Blog

    18 5
    Got back from Tokyo on Monday. It was my first time in the city, and my first time attending TGS. Frankly, the Tokyo Game Show was a bit of a disappointment. I had built up a lot of expectations about it from hearing stories from coworkers over the years... More
  • Nature Will Castigate Those Who Don't Masticate

    9 5
    Around the end of the 19th century a certain diet was in vogue among the movers and shakers of America’s upper crust. This diet was called the mastication method. The fad started with Horace Fletcher – aka the Great Masticator – who... More
  • Things I Want: Entry #1

    7 3
    The premise is simple. When brainstorming blog ideas for GI Online, I started thinking about all the cool stuff I have on my desk. Then my mind wandered to all the cool stuff I would like to have on my desk. Then I made the leap to assuming that if I... More
  • CosBlog Submission FAQs

    6 1
    Want your costume featured on GameInformer.com’s CosBlog? There are no real restrictions on who can be featured as long as the costume is appropriate for the website. Sorry ladies, no body painting. If you have a video-game related costume you would... More
  • An Introduction To Cosplay

    10 2
    Everyone around the office has their own unique nerd-crutch. Mine is cosplay. While other folks at GI spend their free time table-top gaming, hunting down comics or polishing their to-scale Darth Vader helmet, I’m preparing for the next big convention... More
  • Greetings From One Of The New Guys

    If you’re a longtime reader of the magazine, you’re probably wondering who the hell I am. So, here goes: I’m Jeff Marchiafava, one of the five new associate editors here at Game Informer. I hope that you’re enjoying the new site... More