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  • People Who Write "First!" In Comments Sections Should Be Banned From The Web

    141 5
    Alright, so that's a little extreme. However, since the new Game Informer site launched back in October, we've seen this "First!" phenom go from sprinkling a few posts to now spamming nearly everything written by both editors and the... More
  • Custom Vinyl: Silent Hill Staples

    29 4
    I’ve been on a bit of a Silent Hill kick the past few weeks and these little guys are the reason why. After creating my first custom Munny figures a few weeks back, I began feverishly debating what I should take on next. I almost instantly had my... More
  • The Best Game You've Never Heard Of: Spectromancer


    What if I told you that Magic: The Gathering designer Richard Garfield had created a Magic-esque video game that included online leagues, a replayable single-player campaign, and didn't require shelling out for collectible cards?

    ... More
  • Enough With The Skull Masks, Already


    Let's end this trend now. They're basically the video game version of an Affliction or Ed Hardy shirt...they look stupid but you still see them everywhere.

    ... More
  • BC2 Demo Is Stupidly Fun

    27 2

    I’ve been playing the 360 multiplayer demo of Bad Company 2 the past couple nights, and for me it falls into the category of being stupidly fun. Not stupid in a simpleminded way (strategy plays more of a role in BC2 than most FPSes I’ve played) but rather so fun that my enjoyment of it just plain stupid – how else can I explain spending countless hours on a one level, one mode demo, when I have so many other amazing games to play?

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  • Hey, Kids! Comics! Vol. 1: Marvel's Siege Event

    18 1
    As one of the handful of Game Informer editors who reads comics seriously -- I'm talking weekly trips to the comic shop seriously -- I've taken it upon myself to start doing some blog posts about comics. No promises about doing this weekly or... More
  • Why I'm Not Playing BioShock 2

    65 6
    I want to make a few things clear right off the bat: I haven't played any of BioShock 2, I don't know any spoilers, and I loved the first game. So why aren't I excited to play the sequel? Trust me: It's a question I've been turning... More
  • CosBlog #17: Silent Hill Tribute By Vox & Ash

    26 2
    Cosplay isn’t always pretty. Sometimes cosplayers use their skills to recreate grotesque characters, as evidenced by these stunning Silent Hill costumes by Vox and Ash. Combining their knowledge of costume design, stage makeup, prop construction... More
  • GI Fitness Battle: Week 4

    23 8
    Five Game Informer editors are squaring off in a weight loss competition to shed 25 pounds. Every week they weigh in on Wii Fit Plus to see who's working it and who's sitting out. This week, Dan actually gains weight despite his most rigorous... More
  • The Seedy Underbelly of Game Informer’s Tip Line

    58 2

    The Game Informer tip line is one of our favorite features of the revamped website. While the legit news tips help us report on rumors or stories we may have missed, we also receive a healthy dose of nonsensical ramblings...

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  • The iPad, A Little Bit Later

    16 2
    Before going in to the Apple event, I kept wondering if there was some sort of elite country club for people who cover these. May I’d get some brushed aluminum hipster keycard that opens a door to a room made of white lexon plastic. I’ve been... More
  • Late To The Party: My Newfound Love For The Nintendo DS

    45 1
    Jesus, good luck following in the footsteps of Helgeson's recent blog . Seriously? As of this writing, 15,000+ hits and counting?! I honestly didn't even think there were that many Sonic fans left in the entire world let alone that scour GI's... More