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  • Impressions: Abbey Road DLC

    I excitedly downloaded the Abbey Road DLC, and after a couple playthroughs, I'm both delighted and disappointed. Straight off, it's hard to argue that the DLC is worth the money strictly in a monetary sense simply because so many of the songs... More
  • What Is That...Thing?!

    20 3
    Sure, most of the editors have toys and collectibles on their desk. Not me. I've got this monument of monstrosity anchoring my workspace. It's The Trophy of the Gilded Frog. Ex-editor Jay Fitzloff and I created this beast as a way to celebrate... More
  • Rock Band iPhone: I Kinda Dig It

    7 1
    I like the occasional iPhone game. If you know me well, then you know that I think the world of iPhone gaming really revolves around tower defense. I love it. But my stupid bias isn't always flipped on and I branch out. Late the other night, i opened... More
  • Texts From My Father As He Plays Resident Evil 4

    40 4

    My dad is not exactly a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. He recently bought a Wii, and I thought I'd introduce him to a classic by getting him RE4 for his birthday. Here are the texts I've received as he plays through the game.

    ... More
  • Another Mind-Blowing LEGO Creation

    24 2
    In case you haven't noticed yet, I am a huge LEGO fan. I don't do a ton of free building (since my creations never work out as intended), but I do purchase a fair number of sets each year, and have a room in my house dedicated to them. The video... More
  • CosBlog #4: Dhalsim by KibaB

    12 1
    Fanboys (and girls) are a special breed in the gaming world. With their zealous enthusiasm they single-handedly have the ability to make or break games, breathe life back into flailing franchises and (if they use their powers for evil) start flame wars... More
  • LFTE: Evolution (Nov 09)

    77 5
    Every month I will put up my Letter from the Editor for people to comment on, and so I can address any questions you might have. So, here it is: Welcome to the new Game Informer This may sound crazy, but what you hold in your hands is the product of years’... More
  • Awesome Things That Show Up On My Desk #1

    23 4
    I have a lot of things on my desk; I don’t always know where these things come from. Some of them – like my collection of Spider-Man figures from around the world – are supposed to be here. Other things – like the Zack & Wiki... More
  • Meagan Is A Lame Prankster

    36 6
    Okay, so I have a co-worker. Her name is Meagan . She's very nice. You’ve probably seen her around this site. I learned something new about Meagan today: She is terrible at pranks. Like, really, really terrible. 1. She walks into the bullpen... More
  • Attn: Reiner

    19 1
    In response to this ... More
  • Things I Want: Entry #3

    16 1
    The premise is simple. When brainstorming blog ideas for GI Online, I started thinking about all the cool stuff I have on my desk. Then my mind wandered to all the cool stuff I would like to have on my desk. Then I made the leap to assuming that if I... More
  • Yeah, I Also Took Photos Of My Desk

    14 2
    So yeah, I also decided to take photos of my desk. But I cheated. Since I'm the resident photographer, I used big camera trickery to make it look cooler than it really is. I actually cleaned it to do this and Reiner missed out on the chance to take... More