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  • Thoughts on Bad Company 2’s Multiplayer: Part 1

    39 4

    I wrote a blog post last month about how much I was enjoying the BC2 demo. Now that the game is out and I’ve gotten a chance to play some of the full-fledged multiplayer, I thought it would be fun to do a follow up and post some more detailed impressions on the cool things BC2 does.

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  • Yes, Crybaby, Final Fantasy XIII Is Linear

    92 6

    Yes, Final Fantasy XIII is linear. It is also awesome – so where's the problem?

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  • Sound Matters

    35 2

    After my latest gaming binge, I started thinking about how important audio really is to gaming.

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  • Final Fantasy Versus The West

    57 1
    Final Fantasy XIII releases next Tuesday. I’ve been waiting patiently to play this game since its announcement 14 years ago (give or take a year or a decade). When it was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, many journalists, myself included... More
  • New 1000 Club Inductee: Mass Effect 2

    29 2

    I ushered Mass Effect 2 into my 1000 Club, which is just a snooty way of saying that I got all of the achievements.

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  • CosBlog #21: Cammy White By Illiara

    This week's CosBlog sees one Street Fighter fan's take on Cammy White throughout her various costumes and iterations. I think it's safe to say that cosplayer Illiara has taken a notoriously hard character to pull off and succeeded in spades... More
  • Sarcasm 101

    137 5

    We published a sarcastic joke in last month's issue. Some readers didn't get it, but responded anyway.

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  • LFTE: Feb and March Super Post

    23 1
    I know I've been behind on posting up my Letters, so I'm going to catch up all at once and to be ready to post my next letter in the second week of March. I promise. Please leave feedback as I always love to hear what you have to say. March LFTE... More
  • On Heavy Rain and Believability in Games

    24 4
    I came into work this week, and all everyone seems to be talking about is Heavy Rain. I think this means it’s safe to start talking about the game’s story (even so I’ll try to keep this spoiler-free). Heavy Rain is a great game, as you... More
  • I Heart Infomercials

    46 1
    I have a bizarre fascination with infomercials. I can't quite say where it comes from or why it persists to this day, but if I run across an infomercial on TV, I pretty much have to watch it. It's been like this most of my teenage and adult life... More
  • A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

    56 2

    Join me as I relive the tragic moment of making the worst game purchasing decision of my life.

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  • A Tech Nerd's Mobile Setup

    16 2
    So I thought that I would kick off my new tech focused blog by pulling everything out of my pockets and showing the world what I carry around. After all, it’s only fair for me to prove my love so you don’t think I’m faking the funk as... More