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  • There’s A Zombie On Your Lawn – Tales From The Dark Side Of The Pub Crawl

    12 5
    She had short brown hair, a button nose and an eyebrow ring. Her costume was more like sexy gothic vampire than bloated decaying body. As far as zombies go, she was cute. I was interested. “What are you?” she asked. “I’m a plant... More
  • Waiting On The Great Migration

    From Nintendo to iPhones, everyone is talking about casual gaming. That's an umbrella term, of course, referencing everything from the size of the game to the skill level necessary to play it. Regardless of the title we're talking about, many... More
  • WWE Community Creations Offers Countless Possibilities For Longtime Wrestling Fans

    7 2

    With Smackdown vs. RAW 2009's new creation options, the tools are in place for sports entertainment fans to make this year's installment an especially enjoyable one.

    ... More
  • GI Protip #2: Image Tools

    8 1
    Stop right there. You know that copy of Photoshop you’ve got in your Torrent folder is not legal right? Most of the computer users out there think they need Photoshop. Not so much. While Adobe’s flagship product is undeniably amazing, many... More
  • Incredible Artist Offers Free Game-Design Advice

    6 6
    After playing some Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 the other day, I noticed that a fair amount of what I was doing wasn't very fun. The fighting parts weren't the problem, though I have an admitted soft spot for mindless crowd combat. I didn't... More
  • Heavy Metal = Balloons

    5 1
    Metallica came to town last night. Gojira and Lamb of God opened and while I normally would be incredibly stoked for such an event, the acoustics at our very own Target Center made a good portion of the night sound like you're in an echo chamber.... More
  • My Franchise Favorites

    Think sports fans aren’t geeks? Quit kidding yourself. If you spend your free time tracking the statistical minutiae of third down conversion percentages, buying fantasy football strategy guides, and breaking down the pros and cons of stacking nine... More
  • Famous Zombies I’ve Met & Bad Captions

    The Minnesota Zombie Pub Crawl was filled with lots of freaks – after all Game Informer was there. Check out some of the crazy nerd costumes I saw while I was there. Tomorrow I'll post an account of my personal experiences from the night. There... More
  • In Defense of the Imperfect 10

    37 3
    Review scores almost always generate controversy...or at least mild outrage. Whether a reviewer heaps hate on your favorite franchise (probably Sonic), or loves a game you think is unplayable, at some point you have probably taken issue with a review... More
  • What I've Been Watching: Let's Play Cat Mario

    23 3
    TV shows about video games -- heck, video programming about games in general -- have always struggled to find an audience. The common argument goes something like this: Gamers would rather be playing games than watching stuff about them or watching other... More
  • Rest in Peace: Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer

    Man...it's been a terrible year for deaths in music, and today brings us more sad news. Dickie Peterson, the founding bassist and vocalist of the legendary heavy rock band Blue Cheer, died today after a long battle with cancer. If you know Blue Cheer... More
  • Tips For Halo 3: ODST's Firefight Mode

    32 1

    These tips for Halo 3: ODST's Firefight mode won't transform you into the Master Chief, but they'll definitely make you appear less pathetic when playing with your friends.

    ... More