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  • CosBlog 26: Vanessa Arrevillaga As Jill Valentine

    This week’s CosBlog sees Vanessa Arrevillaga dressed as Jill Valentine in her iconic STARS uniform. Additionally, we’ve got a funny twist on another popular Resident Evil Character - Zombie Girl. In Resident Evil 2 you may have noticed a lack... More
  • New 1000 Club Inductee: Bayonetta

    22 6

    I used the lull in the gaming release schedule to bring Bayonetta into the fold of my 1000 Club.

    ... More
  • On Difficulty

    39 1
    The first few hours of Just Cause 2 were fantastic. I was blowing up bases, hopping out of helicopters, and basically turning the island of Panau into my personal chaos-fueled playground. I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was too good to last... More
  • Gamer Flashback: 9-9-99

    38 1

    If there ever was a day to be a gamer, this was it.

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  • God of War Fans: Do Not Read This Comic

    27 2

    I decided to read the new God of War comic. Huge mistake.

    ... More
  • CosBlog #25: Faith Connors By Benny Lee

    37 2
    The CosBlog officially hits a milestone today – 25 weeks of showcasing the best of what the costuming culture has to offer. To celebrate, I’ve found one of the most remarkable tributes to a video game yet – easily on par with the Big... More
  • The Achievement Debacle

    57 3
    In the Xbox 360’s early years, Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford waged an achievement war against me. Every day we devoted hours of our time to inflate our gamerscores. Neither of us set an endgame score. Neither of us really understood... More
  • How I Wish My DOA: Paradise Pictures Would Have Come Out

    31 2

    DOA: Paradise is a really bad game. My girl Tina didn't do anything particularly interesting while I was taking pictures, so I had to whip out the Photoshop to create my own fun.

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  • Oh Well...It's Tim Turi #2: Dance Party Edition

    57 8

    In this edition, Tim unwillingly (and unknowingly) shoots his first music video.

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  • Spring Cleaning: Get Off My Desk, Loser Toys!

    33 1

    What toys get to stay on my desk, and which ones get stuffed into the cardboard box of shame?

    ... More
  • Things I Want: Entry #6

    The premise is simple. When brainstorming blog ideas for Gameinformer.com I started thinking about all the cool stuff I have on my desk. Then my mind wandered to all the cool stuff I would like to have on my desk. Then I made the leap to assuming that... More
  • CosBlog #24: SigmaRue as Selphie Tilmitt

    This week we’ve got one of my personal favorite Final Fantasy girls, Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII. Cosplayer SigmaRue pulls off the look with style, lucky to already have hair perfect for the part. Check out her costume details and photos... More