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  • A Trip Down Memory Lane With The Top 200

    19 2
    Our list of the Top 200 Games of All Time is quite a trip through video game history, and here are a few of my own memories about some of the titles. 1. The Legend of Zelda – I never owned this game, but I did borrow it for a time from my friend... More
  • Games That Should Have Been On That List… Maybe

    45 4
    One thing’s for sure: When you decide to make a list that ranks just about anything, people are going to have issues with it. Even something as innocuous as a top 10 list of carpet types is bound to upset someone. (Either berber is up too high or... More
  • What The Hell Did I Just Play? – Ecco the Dolphin

    25 5
    What would you expect to see when you pop in a video game about dolphins? Adorable squeaking sounds? Maybe some rainbows and beach balls? These are all reasonable answers, especially for the Sega Genesis era of sugary, kid-friendly games. Such is not... More
  • The Gold Controller: The Day I Met & Defeated Shigeru Miyamoto

    50 5
    Back when I was a spry whippersnapper, I competed in every video game competition I could. I never won a Street Fighter tournament (although I did get to the final round once), but I did grab the gold in a Star Fox 64 competition held at 1997’s... More
  • Games I Played The Hell Out Of That Didn’t Make The List

    38 2
    Let me just start this by saying the games on my personal list below do not reflect games I think should’ve been in our Top 200 (with the exception of a few). However, these are games I have fond memories of that are certainly some of my favorites... More
  • Our Top 200 Games List: I Think We Missed A Few...

    43 2
    Compiling a list of the top 200 games of all time is an undertaking. Favorites are missed, sequels are argued, and friendships are strained. Naturally, some games that I thought would be shoe-ins for the top 200 ended up on the floor of the GI vault,... More
  • My First Custom Munnys!

    30 4
    It’s no secret that I like stuff . Toys in particular. I’ve been collecting comic book and video game paraphernalia for years now. But the designer toy scene – in particular, vinyl figures – is new territory for me. I’ve... More
  • Final Fantasy XIII: I Have A Bad Feeling About This

    76 18
    Even with a full plate of games to play this holiday season, I am counting down the days until the release of Final Fantasy XIII. I've waited far too long to play this game, and I'm a bit of a fan (by "bit" I mean "I would knock... More
  • Worst User-Generated Art Ever

    33 3
    I suck at drawing so prepare yourself for what you're about to see. I reviewed Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter for the Wii and the game's main draw is, well, drawing. As promised in the magazine, I bring to you some of my creations from the game... More
  • Overheard #3: GI Editors Still Say The Darndest Things

    26 1
    The Overheard blog captures some of the hilarious/unusual things said around the Game Informer office brought to you by the GI staff. Here is Overheard #1 and #2 in case you missed them. Now that you've caught up, check out this week's Game Informer... More
  • The Greatest Game Of All Time; One Man's Power Dragon Fantasy

    23 3
    I get asked, “So, what’s your favorite game?” a lot. Often this question comes from one of my non-gamer friends or someone I’ve just met after they learn that I play video games for a living. I like to tell these people that my... More
  • Bogus Moves In Video Games: Free Wall Running

    37 8
    Almost every developer tasked with creating an open world super hero game has ignored the force of attraction between two masses (more commonly known as “gravity”). This is best witnessed in Spider-Man. Developers have gone out of their way... More