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  • You Don't Need Apps

    29 6
    Not that they’re really all that new (see the last 20+ years of computing), but the world of technology is obsessed with “Apps”. Everything has apps now. Phones, printers, TVs and even your fridge . And these apps come in all forms,... More
  • LFTE: Video Gaming Is On The Move (May 10)

    May's letter is sure to ruffle some feathers, so I look forward to mass discussion (destruction?) in the comments. I like to think that I’m right all the time, but I remember the times I was wrong a lot more. I could bore you with my poor predictions... More
  • It's a MadWorld... outside my window?!

    21 1
    What do you get if you take Mario and MadWorld out of the Wii? Only one of the most amazing, yet least developed tech gadgets to date. The first time I saw Johnnie Lee's presentation at TED two years ago, I was literally speechless and couldn't... More
  • Who Are You? Define Yourself With Gaming Math

    While I was always one of the worst math students of all time, I do like to apply basic math to normal every day things. In my case "normal" and "every day" equals video games, so i thought I would share how I do what I call "video... More
  • Overheard: GI Staff Quotables #9

    47 1
    Check out the latest blog in the Overheard series. Listen closely around the halls of the GI office and you'll hear the staff say some unusual, and oftentimes hilarious things, which we have posted here for your amusement. Enjoy! You should know:... More
  • Why Final Fantasy XIII Is My Least Favorite In The Series

    47 2

    Check out my spoiler filled summary of why Final Fantasy XIII just didn't do it for me.

    ... More
  • April Fools On My Dad: GI Edition

    26 2

    I've found that my favorite person to prank is easily my father. He's always genuinely annoyed by the pranks, but he also has the sense of humor to recognize how funny a good one can be. Unfortunately, this is the first April Fools since I moved to Minnesota from Kansas, so it was time to enlist some help for this year's joke.

    ... More
  • Pixels Over New York... what?! [reposted in HD]

    12 1
    I'm back. I had given up on blogging here. Was very frustrated. Deleted all my posts. And then I saw this awesome short film by Patrick Jean. Pixels destroying my beloved New York. It's so wrong, yet so amazingly cool. From my side, not much else... More
  • Defending Mario – Why Mario’s Story is Better Than You Thought

    31 2
    The original Super Mario Bros. didn’t go out of its way to tell a compelling narrative. Even so, as a kid, I knew a few things about the game. I knew Mario was lost in some kind of weird pipe world. I knew he had to fight his way through an army... More
  • If You Don't Like Old Spice, You Should

    44 4

    Who knew smelling good could be so hilarious?

    ... More
  • CosBlog 26: Vanessa Arrevillaga As Jill Valentine

    This week’s CosBlog sees Vanessa Arrevillaga dressed as Jill Valentine in her iconic STARS uniform. Additionally, we’ve got a funny twist on another popular Resident Evil Character - Zombie Girl. In Resident Evil 2 you may have noticed a lack... More
  • New 1000 Club Inductee: Bayonetta

    22 6

    I used the lull in the gaming release schedule to bring Bayonetta into the fold of my 1000 Club.

    ... More