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  • Answering The "How'd You Get Your Job?" Question

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    I answer the most frequently-asked question I get. It involves a Mortal Kombat obsession, a high school gig at Gamestop, running around the office in a shark suit, and making a kinda-crappy Metal Gear Solid video.

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  • Meet Tim's Fan-Made Sonic Character


    His name is Drog. He's a Droganian.

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  • My 2011 Gaming Resolutions


    In the spirit of the new year (same as the old year), I've decided to make myself a better gamer. I don't think this will necessarily make me a better person – it's far, far too late for any of that nonsense – but at least I'll have some fun in the process. Without further ado, here's my 2011 New Year's Gaming Resolutions.

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  • Dracula Deserves More Than Castlevania


    I’m not only a fan of Castlevania’s iconic last boss, but an enthusiast of Dracula proper. My appreciation of the Count has me thinking he deserves to be more than a recycled enemy.

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  • My First Day Back In Azeroth


    If you read my previous blog you know that I was worried about returning to World of Warcraft. I've done it, and now I want to tell you about my first eventful day back in Azeroth.

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  • A Q&A With Kato

    11 1

    Ask Game Informer senior associate editor Matthew Kato the hard questions in this Q&A.

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  • Pro Keys Has Made Me A Rock Band 3 Convert


    Despite all of the innovations that have been made in music games over the years, I've never felt motivated to jump on the bandwagon - until I tried out the Pro Keys in Rock Band 3.

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  • Baldur's Gate II: Best RPG Ever

    60 2

    Would I lie to you? BioWare's 2000 magnum opus is still the best RPG of all time. I'll prove it. With science.

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  • Is 2D Gaming Better Than Ever?


    We'll always have fond memories of games like Super Mario World or Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but 2D gaming might be better than ever in recent years.

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  • Why I Hate The Xbox 360 Dashboard: A Photo Journal

    104 1

    Come with me on a journey of complaining as I outline my frustration with the Xbox 360 interface, complete with visual aids.

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  • LFTE: A New Year, A New Challenge (Jan 11)

    15 1
    Games are reaching more people than ever, be it through social websites, consoles, PCs, handhelds, mobile phones, or whatever platform is your avenue of choice. With each passing day more people are playing games than ever before, and the trend shows... More
  • Can Transmedia Storytelling Poison An Established Franchise?

    21 1
    A tornado made entirely out of cash sits at the heart of today's entertainment business. Its strong winds are rattling the motion picture, video game, and literary sectors. When a new intellectual property is created in one of these areas, it is engulfed... More