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  • LFTE: The Future Is Ringing, Will Someone Please Pick Up (Nov 10)

    Everyone came out of E3 shot-out-of-a-rocket amazed at the Nintendo 3DS. The fact that you didn't have to wear 3D glasses overcame the biggest obstacle facing the born-again technology, and the list of partners supporting Nintendo's new platform... More
  • One Year Ago

    It seems like light years since we did the magazine redesign, but the truth is the Resistance 3 cover marks the one-year anniversary for our new look. And what a year it was. I would say it's our best 12-month stretch of covers in Game Informer's... More
  • In Hindsight: The Meaning Of 100,000 Achievement Points

    43 1
    Do achievements mean anything to you? For some people, the sound of an achievement being unlocked is as annoying as a mosquito buzzing their ear. For others, it's the sound of greatness, and the sound of hard work paying off. If you look at my gamerscore... More
  • LFTE: Some Games Should Never Die (Oct 10)

    As a connoisseur of games, one of the greatest things that happened in 2009 was the release of the God of War Collection. Not for the obvious reason that it is a great bundle of amazing products slapped together as one cheaper piece of software; its genius... More
  • Behold The Beauty III: And Boom Goes The Dynamite


    Ten more crappy video game covers. Same crappy results.

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  • Somebody Needs To Make Air Force Gator

    61 3

    An office misunderstanding prompts me to write the foundation of an amazing game. It's a little Metal Gear Solid, a little Ace Combat, and a lot of alligator. Read on to see the building blocks of what is bound to be the next AAA franchise...Air Force Gator.

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  • How Not To Release A Game Demo

    Gamers love demos because we get to try out a new title to make sure it's up to snuff before we spend our hard earned dollars. Publishers normally oblige when they believe the demo has a chance to win over players and get them to pony up the cash... More
  • The Next Movie I See: Endhiran – The Robot

    21 1
    I don't see many movies a year. Although my memory is fuzzy, I probably have only watched four or five this year – that includes both theatrical jaunts and home viewing. Don't get me wrong, I love movies, but I've found I'm more... More
  • How To Run Your Civilization V City Into The Ground: A Timeline


    I received a harsh lesson tonight on how not to play strategy games. Learn from my mistakes with a blow-by-blow recap of the fall of Bonertropolis.

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  • UPDATED: A Song Of Ice And Fire: The Wait Is Almost Over

    40 5
    HBO has released a behind-the-scenes look that ends with a short trailer. You can watch both clips below. If you haven't read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series yet, you're missing out on the best fantasy series. And I mean... More
  • Give Emo Dante A Chance

    A large portion of Game Informer's readers don't like Dante's new look. If I had to choose between the two renditions of him, classic or "young emo," I'd pick the old white-haired version, mostly because I've spent time with... More
  • My Hatred Of Inane Save/Checkpoint Systems (And Other Grumblings)

    24 1

    When developers eschew tried-and-true methods of handling basic game mechanics for those of the more irritating and archaic variety, we all lose... our sanity.

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