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  • Watch Me Make My Dad Play Games He'll Hate

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    Considering he hates everything about the video game industry, I decided to record my dad and I playing five games when he was in town recently.

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  • LFTE: Open Letter to Activision (Mar 10)

    Before I proceed to comment on why letting Bizarre Creations slip through your fingers is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard, I am going to grease the wheels a bit with some general love. A little over a year ago, I had the opportunity to... More
  • Three Reasons Why Two Worlds II Is Awesome

    Two Worlds II is an open-world RPG designed for people who like to have fun. Here are three reasons why I'm having an absolute blast with it. 1. Ostriches One of the first places you explore is a savanna, populated with rhinos, baboons, and warthogs... More
  • I Have a Bad Feeling About The Cost Of Sony's NGP


    Like most of you, my first question about any hardware is: "What does it cost?" Sony's not revealing that yet about the NGP, and I have a bad feeling about that.

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  • What Is Your State The Worst At?

    96 2

    Here in good 'ol Minnesota we're apparently the worst at..wait for it...tornadoes. Huh? Yep, it's a dubious list indeed. See for yourself.

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  • Horror Movie Lessons: Vol. II


    The second volume of Horror Movie Lessons brings you more invaluable tips that could someday save your life.

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  • What Happened To Cheat Codes?


    In the current generation of consoles, codes are a rarity. I loved all the funny cheats Rockstar put into GTA III back in 2001, but it's ten years later and I honestly don't even know if Red Dead Redemption has any.

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  • What Could Have Been


    Could it be your love of a particular video game is the result of more than just the title's endearing qualities? I'm starting to think so.

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  • LFTE: Why I Love The Top 50 (Feb 11)

    This year marks Game Informer's 20th anniversary, and even though I was there, I don't remember what month specifically it all started. Our first issue was simply labeled "Fall 1991." We had a slow start back then, going from quarterly... More
  • One Good Reason Why Robots Should Be Implemented Into Society

    30 1
    From this day forward I will sigh audibly whenever I apply condiments by hand. If condiment dispensing robots are implemented into society, we'll likely run into ketchup shortages, but dinners would become a new avenue for entertainment. And the amusement... More
  • I Completed 31 Games In 2010

    65 1

    Throughout 2010, I kept a list of every game that I finished. Here's a look back with some brief thoughts on each.

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  • The Arrival Of Fierce Deity Link


    Now my days here at GI are endlessly consumed by nothing but fear (and dreams of Zelda). And then more fear.

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