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  • Is There A Market For B Games?

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    I'm a fan of bad things. I've seen more Roger Corman films than I have Oscar winners. I can tell you more about the Legion of Super Pets than I can the Legion of Super Heroes. I bleed Chicago Cubs blue. And over the last few months, I've been... More
  • I Met Joe Mauer Today

    However brief it may have been, it was cool to see one of my idols in person. Even though he was being pushed through literal buckets of stuff to autograph on his way to do a promotional appearance at the Mall of America to launch his new Joe Mauer-branded... More
  • GI Bundle Auctions: Proof Of Donation

    Another quick blog to post the proof of donation for Game Informer's limited edition bundles! Click on the image to see the full size. Thanks everyone! Meagan More
  • Missing the Plot: Story vs. Gameplay


    We all love the freedom that expansive games give us, but what does this do to the story?

    ... More
  • On Grazing

    37 1

    I've been sampling a lot of different games lately, playing in two-hour blocks before moving on to the next selection. Am I alone?

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  • The Top Ten Mario Games Of All Time

    62 2

    I break down the ten best entries in gaming's most famous series. No Karts, no Parties, no sports...strictly the core Mario titles.

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  • Nintendo DS Auction: Proof Of Donation

    Hey all! I’m not going to reiterate what an awesome experience this was or break down donation details again. I'm sure you're sick of it! If you missed the auction and are interested in reading about it, you can find more information here... More
  • Reiner And Phil: The Complete Collection

    Phil and I haven't gotten around to creating a hub for our show yet, and to be dead honest, I don't know when we will. We're swamped with work, and any time we do find usually goes into shooting a new episode. So, for the time being, I'm... More
  • One Way To Lose At Total War: Shogun 2

    12 1

    Playing the heck out of Total War: Shogun 2 for the review didn't prepare me for the Tokugawa clan's unusual starting conditions.

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  • [UPDATE] Auction To Aid Japan: Functional DS Signed By Nintendo Luminaries!

    [UPDATE] We’re already at $1,750! I can’t believe it! The generosity and support of the gaming community/industry is overwhelming. On the technical side, I never expected the price to skyrocket like this. My original intent was to pay out... More
  • Fight Night Champion's Amazing First Hour

    14 1
    I'm a long-time fan of EA's Fight Night series -- it's one of the better sports franchises of the past decade. Its analog control system essentially reinvented the entire boxing genre, leaving its predecessor Knockout Kings in the dust. However... More
  • Five Comic Books You Should Read, Plus One You Shouldn't

    41 1

    Check out five ongoing books that get my endorsement. Keep in mind, I willingly purchased a comic book about dinosaurs, so my taste may be quite different than yours.

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