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  • My Xbox Live Avatar's New Look

    25 1
    I don't like spending money on clothing for my virtual gaming identity. The idea seems silly to me, especially since this character is usually only seen on Xbox's dashboard. I can sit here and complain all day about Avatars and Miis and PlayStation... More
  • My Ideal Saturday

    42 1
    For the life of me, I cannot remember the last time I had a weekend play out the way I wanted it to. Work usually bleeds over onto at least one of the weekend days, and the house usually needs cleaning or repair. And before you ask about friends and family... More
  • Superman Redesigned, Finally Underwear Free

    36 1
    The first shot from Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel film (above) shows a traditional looking Superman costume. I didn't blink an eye at it. If anything, I thought actor Henry Cavill ( The Tudors ) looked like a great choice for the role. Hardcore... More
  • Watch A Grizzly Bear Destroy R2-D2

    32 2
    I'm guessing Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's phone lines are lighting up with calls from PETA right now. A zoo keeper, who apparently is a bitter Star Trek fan, loaded up an R2 unit with treats and inserted it into the grizzly bear habitat. To no surprise... More
  • Indiana Jones' Adventures Charted On World Map

    17 1
    With LucasFilm's blessing, artist Matt Busch has created a world map that shows the locations of all of the archeological artifacts Dr. Jones was in hot pursuit of in his four motion pictures, and various novels, shows, and video games. There are... More
  • My Top 25 Games Of This Console Generation

    197 1

    Executive editor Andrew Reiner looks back at his favorite titles. Do you agree with his list?

    ... More
  • Update – Macbeth Meets Video Games: Bad Idea Or The Worst Idea?

    24 1

    We got a flyer for "Macbeth: The Video Game Remix," but the description alone would keep any self-respecting gamer from seeing the show.

    ... More
  • LFTE: ...In The Membrane (Sept 11)

    Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It seems to me the video game industry just never wants to learn. We still have summers go by with the movie industry dropping some of its biggest films... More
  • QuakeCon: The Greatest Video Game Event On The Planet


    This year, I went to the show to work. Next year, I'll be attending as a gamer

    ... More
  • Le Tour De GI "Race" Results

    14 1
    In case you missed it, last weekend Game Informer ran its first ever community ride dubbed " Tour De GI ." We had nine adventurous readers show up for the planned 27 mile ride, GI editors Dan Ryckert and Ben Hanson (though Hanson was late and... More
  • Still Man Fights: Former GI Editor Justin Leeper's First Novel

    18 1

    Longtime readers of Game Informer will remember former editor Justin Leeper, who recently published his first novel.

    ... More
  • Quick Impressions: Bastion


    My colleague Matt Miller wrote a long and enthusiastic review of Supergiant Games' downloadable action/RPG Bastion, which further sparked my interest in a game that had been on many people's best of E3 lists. While you should definitely read his review, I thought I'd jot down some of my own first impressions of Bastion and why I think it's a game well worth your time.

    ... More