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  • Still In A Dream: My Pachinko Woes

    Imagine waking up one morning to learn that your favorite game was getting a fully-fleshed out, beautiful current-gen remake. Can you picture the vivid, stunning reveal trailer? There they are: your favorite characters standing beautifully rendered in... More
  • What Are You Listening To This Week?

    Each week I want to reach out to the Game Informer community to learn what you all are listening to at work, school ,etc. All genres, artists, and suggestions are welcome! This week I've been listening to Local H's 12 Angry Months album, a concept... More
  • Friday Rock Recs: Charm City Devils – "10,000 Miles"


    This week looks at a band from Brian's hometown that has stepped onto the national stage.

    ... More
  • I'm New Here

    I feel like taking nearly any position even remotely related to the games industry comes with the need to quantify your qualifications for said position in a succinct and timely fashion. I really don’t know if I can do that with this post You may... More
  • Hey, listen!

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    My relationship with video games began casually, by watching my brother play through the Spyro games or by burning a circular mark into my palm while playing Mario Party on the N64. I enjoyed games, but it wasn't until the release of Red Dead Redemption... More
  • Nickelback isn’t that bad of a band, guys

    Hey, I’m Blake and I’m happy to be here! If you’re reading this, I’m happy you’re here, too! I hail from Louisville, KY where we worship college sports and, contrary to popular belief, do in fact wear shoes. For the next... More

    We fade in on a befuddled LEO VADER staring at a blank Word document. His mouth is agape. LEO Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh It’s clear to us this is a man who would not have been right for an editorial internship. He can write when he’s driven, sure, but... More
  • Friday Rock Recs: Heaven's Basement – "Can't Let Go"


    The second entry in Friday Rock Recs looks at a great hard rock band out of Manchester, England.

    ... More
  • A Fire Inside Out - Our First Davey Havok Concert

    We're back with a new episode of the AFI-analysis podcast A Fire Inside Out! We've done the impossible, we've seen frontman Davey Havok in the flesh. Yesterday I dragged co-host Jeff Cork to see a Blaqk Audio at the Turf Club in the Twin Cities... More
  • 12 Monkeys Is A Must-See Show, Especially If You Loved Quantum Break

    12 Monkeys blends smart Syfy with compelling characters.

    ... More
  • Friday Rock Recs: Royal Blood – "Little Monster"

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    In this first week, I look at one of my favorite musical discoveries in recent years: Royal Blood.

    ... More
  • How My Grandfather's Passing Taught Me To Not Take Tomorrow For Granted


    The moments we have with those we love are precious and fleeting. Taking the idea of seeing someone “next time” as an inevitability is a dangerous game to play.

    ... More