Have a good weekend!


Yay 2016 NFL Bad Lip-Reading!

Friendly reminder that Death Wish Coffee is a real thing.

TFW when your favorite song comes on and you just gotta...

Red Rising is awesome. This book ruined my life this weekend.

ICYMI, the official trailer for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego video game.

Pottermore’s sorting hat is back and apparently I've moved from Slytherin to Ravenclaw?

Need a Valentine's Day card for your favorite Fallout companion? Here you go.

Is Carpool Karaoke my favorite thing on late night right now? Mmmmmaybe.

We are the only animals with chins and nobody knows why.

Engineering the perfect Breakfast Sandwich.

Carolina vs. Denver designers FIGHT!

Errebody jump.

unn tss unn tss unn tss

This pun-based card game sounds like fun.

Waiters who are nauseated by food forever and ever.

There is something wrong with this photo, can you spot what it is?

All kinds of vids are being taken down because of copyright’d music. Here’s one way to get around it (turn on closed captioning for the full effect).

Bono remembers David Bowie. “He took his daughter to a matinee to see Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and sent me the reasons he didn’t like it.”

This video of how rainbow bagels are made is the viral thing of the week.

The internet was made for this.

This ad made me laugh.

This one did, too.

**header image by John Wallin Liberto