Hello, 2016. Have a good weekend!


Best Mario Maker troll ever.

Star Wars: the holiday special redux.

Steven Colbert’s vomit-offs are my fave thing.

This description of a Role Playing Game is…fairly accurate.

Game Informer made you a mega-music mixtape. This should keep you busy for like a week.

New thing I'm watching that has already been renewed for a 2nd season: The Expanse.

The Empire Strikes Back trailer, modernized. Not gonna lie, this is making me a little verklempt.

io9’s Best-List for scifi/fantasy books. So many great ones on here. Not new to 2015, but my fave books this year were The Lies of Locke Lamora, Uprooted, and The Mistborn Trilogy.

This woman. Makes me a little sad she may never know how much we all loved this.

D&D player falls asleep and not even 4 people laughing out loud can wake him up.

Most anticipated music of 2016: a list.

Apps to download for 2016. Hah.

Wrapping paper trollol.

Au natural.


Star Wars bad lip-reading ftw.

Where Instagram filter names came from.

We should all be Henry Kissinger. PS MARTHA I LOVE U.

Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart trapped in a car with a student driver.

Fallout 4's graphics cranked so hard it looks like Borderlands.

The internet loves making fun of Preston Garvey.

Super cool nerd thing: Star Wars: The Force Awakens was shot on Kodak film. Oh, my heart.

Ralph Mcquarrie’s stunning ultra-rare cover for Empire Strikes Back.

Game Informer’s resident tabletop games expert brings his A-game recommendations. I’ve heard the most wonderful things about CodenamesFiasco is also on my list.

Scifi/fantasy shows to look out for in 2016. There are not enough hours in the day.

Scifi/fantasy films to look out for in 2016. Ok sounds good, but can we all agree Kung Fu Panda isn’t scifi?


** Art by Stephen Byrne, @StephenByrne86