Have a good weekend!


Gah! Can't unsee.

PewDiePie was on Colbert last night.

The mysterious and elusive papal threat display.

Check out the New Yorker’s new virtual reality app. Lol.

One of my favorite series' is coming to all the things! Nerding out so hard over here.

Pretend like this isn’t on the website-which-must-not-be-named for a second, cuz #3 and #16. And #19.

These 11 voice actors play 119 characters on The Simpsons.

Michelle Obama on her post White House plans.

Here's your new trailer for the X-Files.

Here is your fall foliage map.

The Punctuation Quiz.

This gif.

The struggle is real.

When sidequests are life.

I had a great time reading the Mars AMA.

Now you, too, can live in the real life Hogwarts.

Here are just a few of the challenges we’d face living on Mars.

NBD just the world’s longest pedestrian GLASS BRIDGE.

Well this is the most amazing killshot I've seen all week.

The Age of Ultron honest trailer is precious.

Cute alert! Warning! Arooga!

Street signage. ^hamsters

Dad of the year.