Have a good weekend!


How To Troll 101.

Snake, being adorable.

Emily Blunt, you had me in tears at my desk.

Front and center: the honest trailer for Furious 7. TEAR!

Two years ago a bunch of Stanford students sent a GoPro up and away. It was recently found with the most incredible images still in tact.

There’s a new American Ninja Warrior! Incredible.

What’s the squiggly red shape in NASA’s logo?

I'm a sucker for an easy joke.

Well, this is just precious.

This dude is killing the Dad game.

Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction cast wishlist.

Kickstarter of the day: find something that’s lost.

A very nice fall music guide.

A very nice fall movies guide.

A very nice fall tv guide.

Orcs of New York.

+30 Wind.

Aww, priorities!

Oh kid, I feel you.

The trailer for Jungle Book.

When you're feeling down...

The Amazon Fire is $50 right now.

Honesty time: not sure what to make of the Krampus trailer.

10 annoying video game enemies is a fine list and all, but I immediately scrolled through the thing looking for Mass Effect banshees. The worst!

Something really weird is about to go down at Taco Bell...

It's dangerous to go alone.

Cats rule zombies drool.

Too far.