Have a good weekend!


The internet gave this week.

…and gave.

…and gave and gave.

…and gave and gave and gave. What a world we live in.

Watch this weiner dog run forever and ever and everrrrrrrrrr.

People who know me know a good 'your mom' joke is my kryptonite.

40 years of music critic’ing. Seven thousand concerts. Amazing.

Modern parents are so cute. SO CUTE. You poor things.

On guard: the Nano-brewery is the trending.

Moving a museum.

GIF of the day.

Not fake.

Not a drill.

Current tv obsession? Mr. Robot.

Current book obsession? The Lies of Locke Lamora.

Current fave helper app: Smashtunes. It shows the name, title, and anything else of whatever you’re listening to in iTunes/Spotify on your taskbar. I needed this 8 years ago.

Deep thought of the day: “What if Stephen Hawking’s voice box is actually the first A.I., using its robot brain to theorize on the universe and he’s just riding along, as tripped out as the rest of us but unable to show it?” …

Go make yourself a drink and watch Drunk History‘s first episode of season 3. For free! In full! Online!

A Kodak employee invented the digital camera in 1975 & his bosses made him hide it.

“I was a drunk person on Drunk History.”

This is what a Phoenix microburst looks like.

Obama renamed Mt. McKinley.

Crate & Barrel killing the Star Wars merch game today.

What’s it like to record the audiobook version of Infinite Jest?

NASA just sealed a bunch of people in a dome for a year to practice Mars.

Ladies and gentlemen: the Minnesota State Fair.

Onion + Star Wars.