Have a good weekend!



Would you drink out of this coffee lid? Too far.

Well, this new documentary on Tower Records looks incredible.

Do you think this guy is doing a victory lap around the flat? The world loves him <3.

How you think you look crossing the Alps vs. how you actually look crossing the Alps.

Jupiter’s moon, or a frying pan? Only one is the moon!

I loved watching the dizzy goal challenge.

This is a clever way to outfit a drone.

This is why vine was created.

Every time.

My new desktop wallpaper.

Burn it all down let’s move to Mars.

Go ahead and judge a book by its cover.

How they made a hit song. I cannot love this enough.

This is why I’m afraid to have a pressure cooker in the house.

Watch this Thai street vendor make ice cream. Presentation is everything.

Apparently this link is not new but who cares. Look at that cute little sheep in there!

The evolution of magazine covers. I wonder what this graphic will look like in 60 years.

Here is one opinion of what an End of Summer Reading List should look like.

This podcast is getting a lot of thumb ups and I want to check it out.

Here’s an Apollo Guidance Computer simulator.

Art exhibit escapes and rampages through the city LOL.

I really enjoyed watching What We Do In The Shadows this week.

Ready to feel old? Proceed with caution.

Try not to fall in love with Alan Adler.

The Mad Max honest trailer.

Fallout IRL is scary as !!!