Have a good weekend!


Oh Mark Hamill, you are my new favorite person.

Rhonda Rousey is getting more amazing by the second.

The movie Inside Out changes depending which country you’re in.

I generally cringe whenever a prank is mentioned, but this one hits all the right notes.

National Geographic has appr. 80 hojillion photo contests a year and their latest, the Traveler Photo Contest, does not disappoint.

The Deadpool trailer is exactly the trailer we knew we’d get.

Vin Diesel, aka The Magnificent Bearded Wonder.

Awkward of the week: musicless Lionel Richie.

This map of the Jurassic Park island!

The current state of the internet.

Joke time.

Tech truths.

The Google translate app!

How NYC subway tech is being modernized.

Kickstarter of the week: Inkbox, the 2-week tattoo.

You can buy the supertee RDJ wore in The Avengers.

The federal government has a form for everything. *rollseyes*

In theory this is pretty great, but I'm still highly skeptical and have questions.

Showgoers.tv lets your favorite people stream Netflix with you.

Time-waster of the day: this connect the dots browser game.

Time-waster of the day, Part II: Contre Jour.

Time-waster of the day, Part III: HelloRun.