Have a good weekend!


Booker could get a lot of work.

I love a good video of a contagious laugh.

Everything wrong with the Tomb Raider reboot. UH OH, I loved this game!

Here’s a new take on that scene from Season 5 of Breaking Bad. How in the world did they make it through that take?

This LOTR theory has pretty much ruined my universe. Don't argue with me, I'm into it!

Benedict as Jar Jar and Gollum, and various other precious goodies.

Drunk History is the best. Besty best best.

A Mario Kart 8 app? GODYES.

Imagining landmarks after a disaster.

Things you can’t do when you’re not a cat.

te, da, gi, po? Scrabble did us all a solid this year.

This is what 70k people leaving a stadium looks like.

More augmented reality! Bonus link: the artist himself making magic with Adam Savage.

A Better Queue lets you filter Netflix listings by Rotten Tomatoes ratings, number of reviews, years, and genres. Add movies straight to your queue!

The greatest documentaries of all time, according to critics, filmmakers, and programmers. Ruh roh, the first film I’ve seen on this list comes in at #37.

Everybody is a little bit in love with Chris Pratt right now. Guilty as charged. Related: Forgot About Dre, featuring Chris Pratt.

The most fascinating profile you'll read about a guy and his boring start-up.

The secret things you can get on the Chipotle menu. Mmm, nachos!

Some of the best Steadicam shots in the industry.

Guardians of the Galaxy easter eggs.

Do not mess with the Russians.

Jaws in 60 seconds.

The evolution of TMNT.

Patent prints are nice to look at.

Kickstarter of the week: Woolfe, The Red Riding Hood Diaries.