Have a good weekend!


Stuff named new stuff.

Kickstarter of the week: Jenny LeClue. Backed!

The #AddAPuftRuinAMovie hashtag on twitter this week was so glorious. A few faves…

You won't mean to watch this full video about making candy but then you will because it's magical.

The first trailer for The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing. FLAP!

A 6-year old names the characters of Super Smash Bros. better than you.

The Nostalgia Machine aka The Now You Feel Old Machine.

10 of the best movie stunts of all time.

Hacking in the 80s!

Rejected emojis.

The cheat sheet of how to boil an egg.

Dear Internet, thank you for reviewing this ring. Love, Margaret

I am gearing up for a camping trip in a few weeks and stumbled on this review for waterproof playing cards.

The Guy Fieri Dish Name Generator is precious. “Double scorched hippie chicken chucks with ghost pepper cauliflower rings.”

A selection of photos from the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

Snowpiercer is a movie I watched last weekend. I was entertained.

30 hilarious Star Wars impressions.

Squee! The new X-Wing!


NYC animals.

This Kickstarter has heart.

Honest trailer of the week: Pokemon.

The TMNT theme song happened this week. I'm sorry.

Fight Club 2 is on the way ... ∴ violating the first rule of Fight Club?

Can you identify these movie spaceships? *cracks knuckes*