Have a good weekend!


Forward ho!

This kid has skills.

Name and publically shame your most useless Pokemon.

This cosplayer killed it. KILLED it.

Colbert vs. Daly: DUEL.

Deal with it.

Life After Beth.

100 famous bass lines.

This makes me uncomfortable.

See? Even the Brazilian government uses Craigslist.

10 google searches full of autocomplete fail and illustrated. But really, those Pokemon.

When my roommate is gone for a while and I get a little too used to being by myself. I know this feeling, constantly.

Inside the UK’s largest underground bunker, an emergency relocation site for the British government if the threat of nuclear war ever became reality 60 years ago.

The honest trailer for Minecraft. Do you think I'll ever stop linking to these?

Well. This is one way to take skydiving to the next level.

Harry Potter and His Midlife Crisis.

Tee of the day: Iron Fett.

Dr. Who, VIII.

Everyday football fouls.

Buffy stunts, behind-the-scenes.

The first trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6.

What's it like to play video games colorblind? So interesting. I've always wondered about this!

I'm reading the most fantastic book called The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson. Not exaggerating when I say it's wrecked all my plans this week. But if you must know, I only bought The Way of Kings to distract me from the other new book I just purchased for a trip and recommended to me by a couple guys in the office: The Name of the Wind.

These new, unexpected action figures will make piles of money, I bet.

Mario Kart special items, declassified.

This is a clip from TMNT the movie. THE END.