Have a good weekend!


This google doodle made me smirk.

2 pro soccer players vs. 55 kids. Who wins? Watch and find out!

Watch people who haven’t seen Game of Thrones watch Game of Thrones. Hahaha, ok this isn’t the reaction video I thought it was gonna be. It's so much better.

Mick Jagger and David Bowie dancing in the streets like a couple of bosses.

This re-cut of the Star Wars trailer is really something.

Last weekend in 1984, HISTORY WAS MADE.


20 wtf D&D items. A horn. Of bubbles.

I know that guy! 15 actors you know but don’t know.

Pixar's next film, Inside Out, sounds like it'll make piles of money.

Deconstructing the Perfect Burger made my stomach gurgle. True story.

Extreme caving. I must be getting older. Been linking too regularly to New Yorker reads  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But I promise this is a good one!

This gamer received a message from his 10-year-old self.

The data center hidden in the middle of Manhattan.

Your first peek at the upcoming Mad Max film.

The honest trailer for Portal.

Pointer pointer.

70 useful sites on the internet.

Classic tv catchphrases, parts I and II.

People who can do impressions always impress me.

9 very very very very very expensive things you can buy on Amazon.

How skateboards are made is a story best told with video. I love this stuff (I blame Sesame Street for getting me hooked on this kind of storytelling).

This video from a bike IN a bike race made my heart race.How are they not crashing?!

Mid-year check in time: What are your favorite albums of 2014?