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Awesome throne! Sonofa...

Are these soccer player names real or fake?

I predict the internet rallies to make this a thing.

Cutest wolf puppy of all time has the hiccups. I’m dead.

How to cut a cake. I was feeling pretty smug about my method until I saw this. Smart.

Can you explain why these parking stalls are numbered this way? Yeah, but I was in bed reading when I saw this so I feel like I cheated.

Carey Elwes wrote a book about making The Princess Bride and you can pre-order it now.

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart riding a rollercoaster is the stuff of dreams.

The trailer for Video Games: The Movie has me wanting more.

Watching the World Cup, in a nutshell.

The World Cup of everything else.

This Kickstarter looks adorable.

The birth of a star.

This tweet.

The theory of relativity is truth.

The Steam Summer Sale is ON.

How many of these Harry Potter facts do you know?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen honest trailer. BEWMS.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is back with a new season. That intro song, oof.

THE 100 BEST VIDEO GAMES OF ALL TIME ... according to Popular Mechanics what?

Dave Chappelle describes his first encounter with Kanye in this hilarious interview.

Game of Thrones vs. The Princess Bride, but really everybody wins.

7 things about The Dark Knight I didn't know.

Put those spare Legos to work.

The VW bus tent made me smile.

Stream the songs of the summer 1962-2014.