Have a good weekend!


It's TAKEN 5!

Once more, with feeling!

The mighty king of garden gnomes.

The Mountain and The Viper in happier times.

Is GRRM thinking about numero ocho? If you think he isn't you haven't been paying attention.

The guy who has never seen Game of Thrones is a real guy and he's my dad but he has seen Game of Thrones idk.

The secret world..inside your dishwasher! Are you excited or am I the only one who's ever wondered this?

Leonardo Da Vinci's resume. P.S. I am the greatest or whatever nbd plz hire me.

The Ghostbusters are ready to believe you. Again. This August.

Thank you, Internet, for the Luigi Death Stare.

12 lines that were improv. I know.

Donut vs. Doughnut: FIGHT.

Honest video game box art is honest.

I haven't worked out this much in my entire life.

Why does Axl Rose hate us? I'm sorry, that was my knee jerk reaction talking pleasedon'tmessthisup.

Sandwiches, ranked. NOPE NOPE and more NOPE. My number one definitely has cheese or bacon or a combination of the two or something.

How to tell someone's age when all you know is their name. You guys haven't met me, but I might really be 70 and I have math to prove it...

There's no good reason why I am watching this beatboxing video. I don't even know what's happening.

Heathens ruining my childhood, partie deux.

The Sharknado lives again!

Tauntaun cuts.

Actors + their body doubles.

The 1-tap quest. NO PRESSURE.

Indiana Jones is lousy with laundry and things.

The life of a Natgeo photographer.

The perfect tee for introverts.